Once again the Beursfoon Suzuki team scored some Grand Prix points in the Mx2 class with its rider Mike Kras. On the fast track of Kegums РLatvia, Mike took 7 world championship points which makes him move into 22nd position in the World Championship standings. A 19th position in the first heat after a couple of battles halfway the race. More points in the second heat when Mike came back from 25th to 16th position. A satisfying result for both the team and rider who can look forward to its home GP at Lommel in two weeks time. Rasmus J̦rgensen on board of the second Beursfoon Suzuki in the European Championship class could not find a proper agreement with the track last weekend. He struggled with the tricky track and just could not find the speed he was looking for. No points for Rasmus who knows what to do in order to make a better result in his next race Lommel.

Mike Kras Takes Home Latvian Grand Prix Points - Photo 1 of 2


Qualification sessions did not work out as hoped for our riders Mike and Rasmus. The last one was struggling with the sketchy track and could not really get into a decent rhythm. Mike on the other side rode his Suzuki to a 15th position at the start of the qualification heat. He was battling to get his speed in level and started making crucial mistakes. A couple of laps later he dropped back to 20th position but felt more comfortable on the bike towards the end of the race. A better feeling as a result of this qualify heat converted into some extra confidence.


Heat 1:

A consistent ride in this first heat where Mike did not find his best feeling on the Latvian soil. He got away in 21th position and made an early first successful pass on the twentieth and nineteenth position. He needed to fight for this 19th position till halfway this heat. Mike took advantage of the mistake his opponent made and built up a small gap, which he managed to keep till the end. Rasmus got chased by small crashes which made him loose too many seconds. Mission Impossible for Rasmus to get back into scoring points.

Mike Kras Takes Home Latvian Grand Prix Points - Photo 2 of 2

Heat 2:

More points in this second heat as Mike fought back from 25th to 16th position. He got some advantage by having a well organised race strategy. He gained 3 places in the last 4 laps of the race which brought him into a final 16th position, taking another 5 points. Both the team and rider where satisfied with this result and can look forward to its home GP at Lommel in two weeks time.

A video report of the GP race in Teutschenthal:

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