The recently announced Middle East Supercross Series (M.E.S.S.) promises to be one of the biggest and most explosive set of Supercross races ever.

One of the facets that is expected to draw the top Supercross riders in the world, especially in today’s world economic crisis, is the amount of purse money being offered. It is by far the most ever in the history of the sport – 25 million Euro to the Middle Eastern Supercross Series Champion (over $35,000,000.00). This should draw all the top racers in the world, including those from America.

The idea initially was the brainchild of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi … Muammar Gaddafi … (Editor’s note: we are not quite sure on the spelling of his name) … Moammar Kadafi when he pronounced “We have dirt. We love tourists. We build track.”

However, at the recently completed Middle Eastern Summit, held in Cairo, Egypt this past Sunday, other Middle Eastern States decided to make it into a full series, with races in their countries as well.

The 2011 Middle Eastern Supercross Series Schedule:

  1. Libya – Tripoli – 13 September
  2. Egypt – Cairo – 20 September
  3. * Syria – Damascus – 27 September
  4. Kuwait – Kuwait City – 04 October
  5. Oman – Muscat – 11 October
  6. * Yemen – Al Bayda – 18 October
  7. Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – 25 October

* Pending UN Security Council approval

Says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thru his translator “Supercross is big. And Syria is big. We will have the biggest prize money ever offered in the history of Supercross, 25 million Euro for the winner of our big series. For the race in our home country, the stadium and race circuit are being built in Damascus right now. We are in Supercross for the long term.”

Concludes King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah “The Finale of the Middle Eastern Supercross Series in Riyadh should be something very special. We invite all fans of Supercross to come to King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, which holds 70,000 persons. The Middle East is a place of fun and relaxation for all.”

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Middle Eastern Supercross Series Promises to be Biggest and Most Explosive Ever - Photo 1 of 2

Middle Eastern Supercross Series Promises to be Biggest and Most Explosive Ever - Photo 2 of 2

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