Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal

Thursday night was the annual Motobowl! What a fun event that is! It is also held for a great cause – to raise monies! I’ll let the exact words directly from them tell you about it:

The Women’s Motocross and Supercross Foundation (WMXF) is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) founded in 2003 to enhance the motocross/supercross racing community. WMXF’s mission is four-fold. First, to support to any racer or crew member who suffers injury as a result of participation in or preparation for a professional motocross/supercross event. Second, the foundation provides support to those in the motocross / supercross community who suffer serious misfortune not directly related to competition. Third, WMXF provides financial support to benevolent organizations that support the sport of motocross / supercross. Finally, the foundation serves as a group of women who contribute to the well-being of families in the professional motocross/supercross community. WMXF will promote fellowship among the teams and represent supercross, the outdoor nationals and the entire sport in a beneficial way.

I look forward to it every year! Think about it – your friends and family can all come out and bowl with their favorite Motocross and Supercross stars, and personalities of the sport. I wouldn’t consider myself a star or celebrity in any way, but this is my second year of being invited. Sweet! : )

Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal: Bowl, MX, BBQ - Photo 1 of 8

Which way do I throw this ball? You better watch out! : )

Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal: Bowl, MX, BBQ - Photo 2 of 8

A couple of friends bid to bowl with me, so hey, I helped raise some money! Thank you Clint and Shannon! Also on my team were two members from Cycle News, and one of the top Women’s Motocross racers, Elizabeth Bash. She was the best on the team! And Elizabeth even brought her own ball and shoes! I will so be doing that next year! Maybe I can actually get good score! (Hahaha)

The team that took home the victory on the night and the Trophy was in the lane next to us. Winning the event two years in a row was, Denny Stephenson, Josh Grant and Todd Potter. (Although Todd was a social butterfly and gave a lot of his turns away as he socialized!) I bet many of you didn’t know that Josh Grant can bowl! And yup, he brought his own ball. Remind me to try and be on that team next year! I want one of those Trophies! It’s a neat bowling pin!

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That’s my Dad!

Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal: Bowl, MX, BBQ - Photo 4 of 8

“Oh yes it’s Ladies Night … “

Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal: Bowl, MX, BBQ - Photo 5 of 8

That’s my Mom!

My favorite part of the night was that my family came out, and I learned that I get my amazing bowling skills from my Dad! Thanks Dad! All in all, it was a great way to kick off the big AMA Motocross weekend we had ahead of us!

Friday early morning I made my way down to Glen Helen Raceway for the first round of the AMA Lucas Oil Motocross series! I parked, and got in line to pick up my credential, and then headed into the pits to say hello to some familiar faces. Next I worked on getting as many predictions from as many people as I could for the National Motocross Series – you can read everyone’s predictions that I got here … and you can make your own predictions too! At 2pm Friday there was an opening press conference, and then practice got going. You can see the photos of the men here, and the photos of the women are here.

Saturday (race day!) just couldn’t come fast enough! So many people are excited about this AMA Motocross Season! Why? Saturday’s racing in both classes tell the story – there was some great action!

In the 250 class, there are a lot of new faces that are top contenders, just to name a couple Max Anstie, Tommy Searle on Factory KTM from the UK, and Tyla Rattray (The 2008 FIM World Motocross Champion) riding on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. And how about rookie Justin Barcia, number 151? He was impressive! The competition is going to be so much fun to watch this season! The results from the 250 and 450 classes are here with the men’s photos too.

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Tommy Searle in practice

I noticed that both Tyla and Tommy were the only riders I saw to add extra plastic onto their visors to extend them in the second moto to protect their eyes from when they were looking directly into the sun going up some of the steep hills late in the afternoon. Both those guys are quite seasoned from racing the Grand Prix series – they ain’t no rookies!

The 450s were great to watch to! Josh Grant had the lead in the first moto for over half the race, … and ended up with a third overall on the day. It’s the fist podium I believe in AMA Motocross for the JGR team.

Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal: Bowl, MX, BBQ - Photo 7 of 8

Chad Reed airborne and one-handing it at the Glen Helen Motocross

Chad Reed didn’t make the podium, but ended up with a 4th overall. He was looking stronger as the day went on, and I think as the track got even rougher he was one of the few guys able to maintain and maybe even quicken his pace. One other note on Chad – his team did only make the decision to race outdoors a couple weeks ago. He’s had almost no time testing or riding with an outdoor set-up. We will see if Chad will be able to step it up and do something about team-mate Mike Alessi‘s holeshots, and Ryan Villopoto‘s insane talent on outdoor tracks!

What did I do Sunday after all that? Pool party!!!!

Memorial Day weekend in sunny So Cal: Bowl, MX, BBQ - Photo 8 of 8

Can you hand me my Water Wings? Please? : )

And what did I do Monday for Memorial Day? BBQ and more pool action!

How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Mine rocked!


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