Sunday June 6, 2010; The world’s greatest action sports star, Travis Pastrana, performed the second FMX double back flip of his life last night at the Melbourne Nitro Circus Live show in front of a sold out crowd of almost 14,000 at the Rod Laver Arena.

Pastrana performed the trick after Melbourne’s Cam Sinclair challenged him to once successfully completing it himself. Pastrana had not attempted the most dangerous trick in action sports since it won him a X Games gold medal in the Biggest Trick competition in 2006. The crowd was upstanding and erupted once he rode out of the two perfect rotations and Pastrana ran to the top of the lander to stand next to Sinclair where they embraced to show their respect for one another.

“Seeing as though you are the one who called me out you have to call my mum and tell her because I promised her I would never do this trick again,” said Pastrana at the end of the show.

Nitro Circus Live has its final show tonight after a hugely successful tour of Australia’s capital cities. For more information on Nitro Circus Live and information on future tours please visit

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