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  1. Name the rider that has won the most AMA Nationals & Supercross Series events without ever winning a National Championship in his career.
  2. How many wins in those series does that rider on the question above have?
  3. Name the rider that filled in for David Bailey at the 1984 Trophee des Nations.
  4. He was AMA National number 7 in 1988. Name him.
  5. Name the 1974 World 250cc Motocross Champion
  6. He won the AMA 500cc National events in New York, North Carolina, and Missouri in 1979. Who is he?
  7. He won one AMA Eastern Division Supercross race in 1985, and he also won two AMA Western Division Supercross races the same year. All three he was on a Honda. Name him.
  8. Name the 1996 500cc World Motocross Champion:
  9. This rider won the 250 Open A class at the 2004 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Nationals. Who is he?
  10. Who won the overall at the 2002 125A class at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Nationals?
  11. This rider won the 2001 80cc FIM Junior World Cup in Spain. Who is he?
  12. Who won the overall at the 1993 AMA 125 National Motocross at Unadilla?
  13. Name at least 29 countries that have hosted a World Motocross Grand Prix:
  14. Name the 1999 500cc World Motocross Champion
  15. How many 250 Grand Prix events has Rick Johnson won?
  16. Belgium won the 1976 Motocross des Nations in St. Athonis, Holland. Name all four riders on the that team:
  17. What is the name of the track that hosted France’s 1999 250 World MX Grand Prix?
  18. Larry Ward won a World Supercross event in 1998. What country was it in?
  19. Ryan Hughes was ‘King of Bercy’ supercross once. What year did he win that title?
  20. What was Jeff Emig’s AMA National number in 1989?
  21. Name at least 20 tracks in Belgium that have hosted World Motocross Grand Prix events:
  22. Name the manager of the 2001 KTM USA supercross/motocross team.
  23. Who was the manager of the 2001 Yamaha of Troy team?
  24. What is Brian Jorgensen of Denmark’s nickname on the GP circuit?
  25. Name the manager of Team KTM Champ in Europe for 1999.
  26. What year, and at what track did Stefan Everts make his GP debut?
  27. Rex Staten and Marty Tripes rode for what team in 1975?
  28. What number did David Vuillemin ride with in the 1999 World MX GP’s?
  29. What year, and what country did David Vuillemin make his GP debut?
  30. He won the 1981 Daytona Supercross on March 7. Who is he?
  31. What rider has the most wins in 500cc AMA National Motocross history?
  32. He ‘invented’ supercross by having the first one in the Los Angeles Coliseum in the summer of 1972.
  33. These riders (Gaylon Mosier, Gary Chaplin, Pat Richter, Roger De Coster, Rex Staten, Tim Hart, Monte McCoy, Jim Pomeroy, Rich Eierstedt, and Steve Stackable) have something in common. Each has done something that no other riders in the history of supercross/motocross have done. What is it?
  34. How many rounds were there in the 1973 AMA 500 National Championship?
  35. He is the 1974 AMA 250cc National Champion. Who is he?
  36. How many 250 Nationals did he win that year?
  37. He won the 1975 AMA 250 Supercross Series in 1975 by winning every race. Who is he?
  38. How many races did he win in that series?
  39. What country won the 2002 ‘World Cup of Motocross’?
  40. Name the 1974 AMA 500cc Supercross Champion.
  41. During the 80’s a major race was cancelled because of snow, even though race day was bright & sunny. Name the event & year.
  42. What number did Brad Lackey ride with at the United States Grand Prix of Motocross in 1974?
  43. Name the state that hosted the May 25, 1975 AMA 250 National Motocross.
  44. He finished eighth at the final 125 AMA National Motocross in PA in 1996. Who is he?
  45. This guy won the 1996 Western Regional AMA Supercross Championship.
  46. Name 10 motorcycle manufacturers that have won AMA Supercrosses, AMA Nationals, or AMA International events.
  47. Name the winner of the American round of the 1999 World Supercross Championship.
  48. There were two riders that rode with the number 1 plate at the same time in supercross during the 1985 season. Who were they?
  49. Roger De Coster won the last Grand Prix of his career. Name the country it was in.
  50. Name the 1980 500cc World Motocross Champion
  51. What is Goat Breker’s real first name?
  52. How many rounds did the 1991 AMA Supercross Series have?


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