Suddenly, sadly, tragically, Marty Moates took his own life Thursday, December 7th.

Marty was a man of many talents, and well-liked by all in the industry.
He was the first American to ever win the famous ‘Carlsbad Grand Prix’
in 1980, the annual gathering of the best from Europe and America for
the 500 World Motocross Championship on American soil.

Later on, Marty was involved in the clothing giant No Fear, which he helped guide to the position it holds today.

In a 2001 interview, Marty said “I’m proud to have done what I did and
got where I did in motocross. I think most of those things happened
because I was honest in all my relationships. And that philosophy has
helped me today in business with No Fear and Spy. And I’m really happy
to be involved with all these guys that are sitting at the table here
next to me (Marty Smith, Broc Glover, Marty Tripes, Jim Pomeroy, and

Marty Moates - First American winner of the US 500 Grand Prix of MX - 2006 - Photo 1 of 1


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