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—- Thursday night, June 26th —-

The Mini’s were on the gas here the past few days – it’s amazing how fast these kids are going.

Now, the reality of the Mini-Dad is …. they are the ones who help fuel our sport. ‘Little Johnny’ has three bikes and goes racing every week. Who pays for it? Mini-Dad! These guys drive all hours of the night, work on the bikes, shell out the cash, and create some serious talent.

One of the coolest things about Mammoth is that it’s a family environment. And so many of these families have been coming here for so many years. “Motocross Mom” Gail Webb says it well: “I first started racing here 28 years ago – this place is the greatest!”

Or how about Alan – I ran into him at the track – he’s a Riverside old-timer. He told me “The family’s been coming up here for the last 15 years, we bring our fishing poles, camp out, go racing and have a great time. We love it here.”

Another Dad on hand was David Bailey. He’s with his son Sean, hanging out and keeping the bikes dialed. David last raced Mammoth in 1982.

David: “I rode 125’s, 250’s and 500’s that weekend in ’82. I won the 500’s, RJ won the 250’s and the 125’s. RJ and Donnie Hansen had a great race in the 250’s. Now, I make sure all Sean’s stuff is perfect – that’s what it’s all about for me now”.

Grant Langston, Craig Anderson, and Eric Sorby were making their way through traffic …. on the track today. Ty Davis is back for more, along with another guy named “Woods” or something, pitted under Ty’s rig. The Pro’s race this weekend.

Teen sensations Broc Hepler and Davey Milsaps will be beginning their Pro careers at Mammoth. They will be aiming for the big guys this weekend!

There is a question of Mammoth’s future. Can a wonderful environment and a great event co-exist? And can you make a difference?

This isn’t about complaining – it’s about encouraging & educating. Why do we come to Mammoth? What do we do here? Why is it important?

When tourists and riders flock to town, they enhance the local economy by renting condos, staying in hotel rooms, eating in restaurants, and the like. If the event doesn’t happen, motocross enthusiasts everywhere, and the local merchants will lose out.

If you’ve ever been to Mammoth, or have read about it, and are a fan of it, please send positive comments in favor of saving the Mammoth MX to:

Mike Schlafmann

Attn: Motocross Mammoth Ranger District

PO Box 145, 25000 Main Street

Mammoth Lakes CA 93546

Or via email at [email protected]

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference.

Look for some Pro race action here tomorrow …..or the next day. ; )

—- Monday, June 30th —-

The past three days have been warm and dry. Friday was Open, Schoolboy, and Women Pro. Saturday was 125’s, with Andrew Short winning. Sunday was 250 Pro – Grant Langston was the winner. Full results are at Mammoth’s web-site link listed below.

125 Pro

Andrew Short

Jeff Northrop

Broc Hepler

Derek Costella

Scott Sheak

Eric Sorby

Daryl Hurley


Davi Millsaps

Broc Hepler

Josh Lichtle

Kyle Chisom

Josh Grant

Michael LaPaglia

Women’s Pro

Jacqueline Hudson

Sheena Patterson

Kaide Garrett

Kelly Yancey

Jamie Pamintuan

Bonnie Warch

Open Pro

Grant Langston

Scott Sheak

Ty Davis

Rich Owens

Nathan Woods

Andrew Short

250 Pro

Grant Langston

Broc Hepler

Bob Kiniry

Rich Owens

Daryl Hurley

Scott Sheak

Jeff Northrop

I’ll have a more complete story later this afternoon, along with more photos.

—- Wednesday morning, July 2 —-

It’s all over …. seven days of racing …. 11 days of motocross …. a little bit of snow …. a whole lotta sunshine …. 1701 entrants …. we just had the biggest Mammoth Mountain Motocrosss ever!

David Bailey, Rick Johnson, Bruce Penhall, Jeff Ward, Jeremy McGrath …. Langston, Short, Sorby, Sheak, Davis, Hurley …. Broc Hepler, Davi Millsaps, Josh Lichtle, Michael Lapaglia …. a full mix of talent from the past, present, and future!

Former 125 World Champion Grant Langston and KTM had a great Pro weekend – winning Friday’s Open class, and Sunday’s 250 Pro class. Grant lost a radiator cap in Saturday’s 125 race, and that put him out of possibly taking all three classes. But one guy who did take all three classes was Brock Harden, winning the 125, 250, and Open Jr. classes!

The Schoolboys – 12 thru 16 years of age – this is the class to watch if you want to see the future! Davi Millsaps took the school boys to school on Friday’s racing. Millsaps, Hepler, and Lichtle 1 – 2 – 3. All on Suzukis.

Andrew Short was the eventual winner of Saturday’s 125 race after a short battle with his buddy Jeff Northrop. Jeff and his Kawasaki took a well deserved second place. Broc Hepler finished a strong third in his Pro Debut at the mountain.

Riders from all over the country come to Mammoth looking to win at the longest running MX event in the USA. And possibly 2003 was the last time these racers may get to race on “The greatest track in the world” as Larry Nasten put it. Larry has been the announcer of the event for some 20 years.

Larry acted as master of ceremonies, giving a heartfelt speech before the main events on each day of racing, concerning the Mammoth MX and it’s future. “This Mountain has been roaring for 36 years, we cannot let it die” said Larry.

Larry also gave the racers and the families a chance to thank Dave and Roma McCoy, the founders of the Mammoth MX, “for all they have done in making this event the best in the world”.

On my way out I saw Lori Carlson, Mammoth Mountain Coordinator. She was very pleased with the outcome of the race. The event ran very smoothly and efficiently. Lori said “Our new format gave the racers and their families a chance to enjoy all the mountain has to offer from fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, all of it”.

She added “It’s not just about the race, it’s about the land. We are putting everything in place in hopes of keeping it the way it’s been for the past 36 years. I’m confident we can make it happen!”

See you next year!


The Mammoth Mountain web-site is at this link.

The Mammoth Motocross web-site is at this link.

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Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 1 of 33

Riverside Old-Timer Alan enjoys fishing and racing at the Mountain

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 2 of 33

Sean Bailey on the bike, proud Dad David Bailey

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 3 of 33

One more photo of Jeremy McGrath from last weekend by Frank Hoppen

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 4 of 33

Grant Langston practicing for this weekend’s Pro races

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 5 of 33

This is Luke Johnson, oldest son of Rick

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 6 of 33

This is Murray Miller

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 7 of 33

Another proud Dad (RJ)

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 8 of 33

Some folks checking out RJ’s downhill line

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 9 of 33

Nathan Woods

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 10 of 33

Sunday’s 250 pro main

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 11 of 33

Daryl Hurley

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 12 of 33

Broc Hepler, and Jeff Northrop

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 13 of 33

Daryl Hurley leading the way

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 14 of 33

Grant Langston – World Champion on the downhill

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 15 of 33

Langston – Open and 250 Pro winner

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 16 of 33

Michael LaPaglia

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 17 of 33

Nice starting area

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 18 of 33

Davi Millsaps

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 19 of 33

Jeff Northrop

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 20 of 33

Scott Sheak is in the house

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 21 of 33

Short – 125 Pro winner

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 22 of 33

Andrew Short

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 23 of 33

Eric Sorby and Jeff Northrup – check out the mountain top

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 24 of 33

Woods on the downhill

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 25 of 33

The snow

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 26 of 33

Big Donald Franklin

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 27 of 33

Hepler – cool, calm, and faasstt!

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 28 of 33

Suzuki and IRS backed Josh Lichtle

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 29 of 33

More Josh

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 30 of 33

Luke Johnson

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 31 of 33

Northrop diced it up with Short and Sorby all weekend

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 32 of 33

More Northrop

Mammoth MX, page 2 - Photo 33 of 33

Mammoth MX recycles


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