Every summer for the past 37 years, racers have flocked to Mammoth
Mountain for this classic event, the oldest continuously running
motocross in the USA. Generations of motocross riders have competed on
Mammoth’s famed track over the years making Mammoth an early season
tradition on the racing circuit.

“We are excited to be hosting the Mammoth Motocross again this year and
thank the US Forest Service for their efforts in making this final
event possible,” said Race Director Mike Colbert. “It’s a great
opportunity for us to celebrate the history of the races and have
closure on this event for all the racers, fans and event organizers.”

Mammoth has been recognized as one of the top five amateur national
events in the motorcycle industry, and the biggest names in Motocross
have competed in the event including World Champions Grant Langston and
Jeremy McGrath. Over 5,000 riders are expected to participate in the
final event in Mammoth this June.

In 1968, Don Rake and some friends decided to put on a motocross race
in Mammoth Lakes and built a world-class track 8000 feet up in the
Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Dave McCoy came along and offered the
backing of his Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and the rest is history.

Although the Mammoth Motocross Track will not be open for public use
during the summer of 2004, the 37th Annual Mammoth Motocross will be
held 17 – 27 June 2004. MMSA has worked very closely with the Forest
Service to allow this event one last time, so it’s crucial that the
information presented to the public be accurate and reflect the shared
understanding of both the Forest Service and MMSA. The purpose of this
Q&A is to assist you in addressing the expected questions from the
public regarding the event and subsequent closure of the Mammoth
Motocross track. If you cannot answer a question from the public or
need further information, please direct inquiries to Mike Schlafmann at

Mammoth Motocross Track – Questions & Answers for the 2004 Event

Why is the motocross track closed? When MMSA pursued renewal of the
track permit, which expired in December 2002, the Inyo National Forest
informed them that INF no longer has the authority to permit use of
federal lands for operation of a motocross racetrack. The Inyo has
indicated a willingness to take initial steps towards requesting a
waiver of this policy; however, for a waiver to be approved, operation
of the track would have to occur under the terms of the original
authorization. This would require the racetrack to be managed as a
developed recreation facility with key management components such as
controlled, gated access, restrooms, and maintenance throughout the
summer season. Given these terms, MMSA opted not to pursue the
long-term permit for the motocross track. However, MMSA funded the
Environmental Assessment (EA) through to completion so that other
parties interested in seeking a long-term permit could use the EA. INF
is working toward a decision prior to the 2004 event. The track is not
currently under permit to any operator.

When is the motocross track closed? The only activity allowed at the
track for 2004 is for track preparation (13-16 June) and the motocross
event (17-27 June). Otherwise, the track is closed.

Will the motocross event this year be affected? No, the event will be authorized for 2004.

Can I get in trouble for riding on the track when the gate is closed?
Yes, the closure is real. Riding behind the gated area or within the
signed closure may result in a citation.

What happens next? Will the track be open in the future? The Forest
Service will complete the environmental analysis process begun under an
agreement with MMSA and plans to make a decision regarding future use
of the area as a motocross track by the time of the 2004 motocross

Will I get a chance to comment on the closure? Opportunities for public
input will be provided. Questions, concerns, or comments can be sent
to: Mike Schlafmann, Attn: Motocross, Mammoth Ranger District, POB 145,
25000 Main Street, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 or via email at
[email protected]

Environmental Analysis documents will be released for public review and comment in Spring 2004.

For more information on the Mammoth Motocross, please contact 760-934-0605.

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