Monte Carlo, Monaco

Youthstream, and the FIM, had a luncheon today with the media to share a few of their ideas, along with having an open discussion on the sport of motocross. The primary hosts were Mr. Giuseppe Luongo of Youthstream & Mr. Wolfgang Srb of the FIM.

The setting for the luncheon itself – incredibly beautiful – a nice dining area at the Le Meredien hotel, overlooking the shoreline right off of Monte Carlo.

What are the ideas and topics of discussion directly from Giuseppe Luongo and Wolfgand Srb?

1. To be open and transparent in what they do, all for the betterment of the sport.

2. Engine size, track development, and television are areas for discussion to achieve the best result possible.

3. All facets of track facilities (for work staff, media, and fans) need to meet high standards.

4. Re-iterate both Youthstream and FIM’s passion for the sport.

5. Should Youthstream come to the United States in the future to promote more events, they are willing, and understand, that they must make a huge investment in all areas of the sport, and are willing to lose money in the first few years to see the sport have long term and sustainable growth for all.

6. Starting in 2009, at minimum there will be one Grand Prix World Championship Motocross event in the USA, and possibly even more. Also starting after that time, the Motocross of Nations will be held in the USA every three or four years.

7. Included in higher standards for track facilities, there must be improvement in all areas – it must be more accessible for fans, including women and children. There must be better media coverage, and the media itself should have the proper working conditions and treatment to do their job at 100% for the betterment and growth of the sport. Additionally, with these higher standards for the tracks, there should be an open and honest competition where the highest achievers are rewarded with events. This would include investment of track owners in infrastructure to support all facets, including development of VIP facilities if the sport is to attract companies that will invest in the sport on a large level, and long term.

8. Safety. Riders, spectators, medical care at the facility and even medical facilities near the track all need to be addressed more fully.

9. The FIM is committed to ‘fair sport’ for all. If someone does not act ‘fair’, they are unafraid to act appropriately, including penalty if needed.

It was a thrill and an honor to be invited to such an open discussion, and in such a beautiful setting. I want to personally thank Youthstream, the FIM, Mr. Luongo, and Mr. Srb for opening up their world, and sharing their ideas to me, so that I can share them with you.

Tomorrow, it will be the third annual FIM Off Road Awards Ceremony, of which I’m also co-hosting. I’m a bit nervous, because it’s something I’ve never done before, so wish me luck!


(gallery of pictures with Amanda go here. About 9 pictures with captions total)

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