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David & Erica

Angela: First of all, congratulations on your win in Anaheim! (And now San Diego!)

This must be a very exciting accomplishment and a great way to start out the year for you. How did you feel going into the first race at Anaheim, and what did you think of the track?

David: Thanks. Yeah I was excited, but I tried not to get too excited because it’s the first race. There is still 15 more to go.

The track wasn’t so difficult, but the first whoops section was pretty dangerous, especially the step-up jump just before it where Ricky crashed. Before the start I was kind of nervous, but after two corners it went away.

Angela: A lot of changes for you this year. New training program, new sponsors, new gear, and a new number (12). What more can we expect from you this year?

David: First of all, the gear and the number isn’t very important to me. Besides the gear, I signed with Oxbow because I felt I needed a trainer with a lot of experience, and they offered me that. Jacky Vimond (Former World MX Champion from France) is my new trainer and he came with that deal. I think I needed full support from my training, and he was the guy I really thought could help me.

Angela: September 30, 2001, Namur Belgium. The Motocross des Nations. You, Luigi Seguy, and Yves DeMaria take the title for the country of France. Your thoughts on that day?

David: Unfortunately the USA wasn’t able to come so there is a lot of questions about what would have happened if they had, but they were not and things happened the way they did.

It was a great feeling for us. We brought France its first Motocross Des Nations trophy, and we will be in the history books forever. That is a great feeling to win representing your country.

Angela: The 2001 Bercy Supercross, with three nights of intense racing, what was the key to this victory for you? What did you do after winning the title ‘King of Bercy’?

David: Bercy is kind of my race. I have won a lot there on 125 and 250. I love to go to this race. The crowd is crazy! This is to me to what Anaheim is for Jeremy. I don’t get to race in my home country where I have a lot of fans, so it is nice for me to go back once a year and ride for them.

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Racing was pretty fun with MC, Reed and Roncada. There is no secret to winning all 3 nights. I just go out and race and things just go my way I guess. The whoops were the big key for me. I made a lot of passes there. After winning the event I went to dinner with my parents and friends because I won’t see them for a while. Then, I went out for a little bit to a club that the organizers of Bercy set up for everyone.

Angela: You were recently engaged. Who is the lucky lady and how did you two meet?

David: Her name is Erica. About 2 years ago Keith, my boss, introduced us in Sacramento. We got engaged in Paris just before Bercy. We live a normal happy life together.

Angela: Give us a bit of background, and why you are racing here in the USA.

David: I began racing in France when I was eight years old. I won a few titles, but I was looking to race here in the US. I am where I always wanted to be because Yamaha gave me the opportunity to come over here. Now it is up to me to work hard and bring them all the success they deserve.

You can see a full list of my sponsors and any thing you might wanna know about me that you didn’t get from this interview on my web-site – www.davidvuillemin.net

Thanks a lot!


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Additional Facts:

Birthday: 10/18/77

Nickname: Le Cobra

Birthplace: Berre L’Etang (France-Bouches du Rhone)

First rider to win three “King of Bercy” titles in a row (’99 – ’01)

2nd in the 2000 AMA/EA Sports Supercross Series

4th in the 2000 250 National Motocross Series

5th in the 2000 World Supercross Championship

Winner of Stade de France supercross numerous times

Photos: Ryan Mahoney, Frank Hoppen

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