Round 16

Supercross results
1. James Stewart KAW    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. Chad Reed YAM    
4. Kevin Windham HON    
5. Travis Preston HON    
6. Nick Wey HON    
7. Ivan Tedesco SUZ    
8. Josh Demuth      
9. Brock Sellards      
10. Heath Voss YAM    
11. Jiri Dostal      
12. Tyler Evans SUZ    
13. Jason Thomas      
14. Kyle Lewis      
15. Jeff Dement      
Supercross Points
Ricky Carmichael 338
James Stewart 336
Chad Reed 336
Ivan Tedesco 255
Nick Wey 249
Michael Byrne 228
Travis Preston 207
Ernesto Fonseca 125
Ryan Clark 118
Mike LaRocco 108
Tim Ferry 108
J Gibson 107
Jeff Gibson 99
Kevin Windham 84
Tyler Evans 77
Heath Voss 74
Jeremy McGrath 67
Jeff Dement 67
Lites East / West Shootout
1. Andrew Short HON    
2. Mike Alessi KTM    
3. Thomas Hahn HON    
4. Josh Grant HON    
5. Ryan Morais SUZ    
6. Ryan Villopoto KAW    
7. Darcy Lange KAW    
8. Robert Kiniry HON    
9. Kyle Partridge YAM    
10. Justin Brayton YAM    
Lites East / West

Sam Boyd Stadium

James Stewart dominates the 20 lap main event, but Ricky Carmichael is the 2006 AMA Supercross Champion.

Supercross class: James Stewart ran out front all night, doing what he had to do to have a shot at the 2006 AMA Supercross Championship. James won, and made it look easy.

Ricky Carmichael ran a few seconds behind James in second place, and with that finish, he claims the championship by two points over James and Chad Reed. Reedy ran a few seconds behind Carmichael in third.

James and Chad actually tied for second in points with 336 each, but Stewart takes the tie-breaker by virtue of more wins during the entire season.

Andrew Short won the 15 lap main event for the annual East / West Lites shoot-out.

We will have much more coming to wrap up the 2006 supercross season in the next two days …

Next Friday night you can watch the third annual Mini Moto Supercross from the Orleans arena in Las Vegas. See Jeremy McGrath, Guy Cooper, David Pingree, Jamie Little and tons of other people! And you’ll be able to access Media Zone’s coverage right here thru

Photos courtesy Ken Faught

The Trixter X-Bike

The Nationals start in two weeks. Get results to your USA mobile phones!

Las Vegas NV - May 6 - Photo 1 of 4 Las Vegas NV - May 6 - Photo 2 of 4
Las Vegas NV - May 6 - Photo 3 of 4 Las Vegas NV - May 6 - Photo 4 of 4


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