Langston Witt Racing survived the fastest sandbox in the world this past weekend. Round nine of the 12 races in the 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series was held at Southwick Motocross 338 in Southwick, Mass. It is one of the most difficult racetracks and the only sand track in the series. The best, professional sand riders in the industry come out to claim bragging rights.

The track is a soft, sandy mix spreading 1.25 miles through the valley. Fans love the roost and the landscape. Riders who have the ability to conquer the sand love the ever-changing track conditions that comes with competing at Southwick. The combination of sand and rain on the previous day resulted in a rough and challenging racetrack for all the riders.

To date this season, both Langston Witt Racing riders Les Smith and Zack Freeberg are maintaining consistency and competitiveness. Smith averages a 22.3 place finish, 22 place start and 23.1 qualifying average with a season best 7th place overall finish at the Spring Creek National in Millville, Minn. Freeberg averages a 23.6 place finish, 20 place start and 25.6 qualifying average.

Langston Witt Racing were able to defeat the wet, sand conditions and come out of the weekend still positioned in the top 20. Each rider brought consistent lap times from qualifying into the motos. #46 Les Smith came back with a vengeance in the second moto finishing 10th after a DNF sidelined him in the first moto. Smith moved up in the 450 class point standings from 22nd to 17th place with his 16th place overall finish at Southwick.

“This weekend at Southwick went pretty well. I felt really good in practice and carried that into the motos. I had a good comeback going into moto one from a first turn crash until some issues resulted in a DNF. In the second moto I didn’t get off to the greatest start, then had a tip over but was able to make up some ground by the end,” said Smith.

Being from Florida, Freeberg brought with his familiarity and comfort of riding in the sand. In the 250 class, he moved up to 20th overall in the series standings after finishing 33rd in the first moto and 14th in the second.

“My weekend wasn’t too bad. I had some bike problems in the first moto which cost me a top ten but we got that worked out and the second moto I was up the 12th before we  had some more bike issues. It was really rough. I feel the rougher the track the better I do and that track was pretty gnarly,” said Freeberg.

Grant Langston, team manager, has had personal success at Southwick. In 2005, he was the 250 champion. “I always look forward to Southwick. I enjoyed racing the sand track, but this time around I was helping my riders to negotiate the roughest track on the circuit,” said Langston.

 It wasn’t totally sunny skies either. The fair amount of rain on Friday and the sprinkling off and on for awhile during the races didn’t make the already challenging track any easier. Langston said he was very impressed with how both Freeberg and Smith rode in the not-so favorable conditions. Langston said if it wasn’t for some mechanical issues both riders would have placed in the top 10 overall.

“Unfortunately that’s racing and Southwick is a wild card. I am still very proud of the riders and the team’s effort and we will continue to strive for better luck and results,” said Langston.

Up next is round 10 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is the Unadilla Pro National Motocross to be held on August 18, 2012, in New Berlin, New York. All Pro racing is Saturday. Motocross and Langston Witt Racing fans are encouraged to join us on the dirt and are invited to stop by the team pit area to meet the racers and crew throughout the weekend.

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