KTM’s Selvaraj Narayana received the 2009 Mickey Thompson Award of Excellence during an intermission at the first AMA/FIM Supercross of the year, January 3rd, in Anaheim, California.

Mickey Thompson himself was a visionary, having launched many successful endeavors and business ventures. He was also a Founding Father in the sport of supercross. Mickey’s passion and vision continue today thru his family with Danny Thompson Motor Sports. Unfortunately, Mickey passed away far too early, but has left us with his vision of what supercross is today.

The Mickey Thompson Award of Excellence is given annually to a person who has spent his or her lifetime making a substantial, positive difference in the world of motorcycling. The person must also have a passion for the sport, and a vision for it’s future. This award is presented in honor of Mickey Thompson and his legend.

Indeed, Selvaraj is a person who has made a positive difference in the world of motorcycling thru his entire professional career, spanning over 40 years.

We talked to Selvaraj to describe Saturday night and winning the award.

It was indeed a very emotional time for me to get this award. It is huge honor. I never thought that I would be receiving this award until I met Danny late evening on Saturday. I am thrilled and honored to receive the prestigious Mickey Thompson Award of Excellence. It was a huge surprise, and I wish to thank Danny Thompson, Travis Thompson and Mickey Thompson’s family for this award of recognition.

My memory goes back almost 30 years when I first met Mickey and his family. I would also like to thank Feld Motor Sports, Charlie Mancuso, Todd Jendro, Dave Prater and their entire staff. Thank you to the entire industry as well for making me a part of the supercross family.


KTM's Selvaraj Narayana receives 2009 Mickey Thompson Award of Excellence - Photo 1 of 1



Photo courtesy KTM & Carlos Aguirre






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