The new ‘SX’ line-up for KTM in 2004: 85, 125, 200, and 250 two-strokes, and 450 and 525 four-strokes.

On Tuesday, July 15, KTM invited us out to the Cahuilla Motocross Park in Southern California to check out their new bikes. A beautiful, hilly, and sandy track, although the weather was incredibly hot, over 100 degrees.

What’s new on these bikes? We’ll let KTM’s Scot Harden explain:

Scot: “The biggest areas of development for us on the 2004 models is the chassis, and suspension. A lot of work has been done on with regards to R & D, both in Austria and here in the US. Of course, there are a lot of other upgrades as well, including styling, body work and rear sub-frames. The motors received additional work as well. But we can sum up 2004 in two words: chassis and suspension. How can the public learn about these new bikes? Word of mouth is still the best source of information. Dealerships are a great source of info as well, and they have all the literature there for you to read. You can visit our web-site The site will have all the latest info in the second week of August. And, you can obviously learn about the bikes thru the press and various publications, such as the traditional print publications, and electronic media like”

But wait … there’s more! KTM also announced another first – the first ever USA factory team for the Dakar Rallye. Most likely it will be the 950cc V-Twin machines (see photos below). Three riders, including off-road legends Paul Krause and Larry Roseler, along with a third rider to be named later. And YOU could be that third rider!

According to KTM, “Team member number three has yet to be chosen. In fact, we will conduct an unprecedented, nationwide search for the third rider, though it’s not a contest you’re going to see on TV. Instead, the search for the third rider will be determined based on his or her off-road racing background, capability to make good decisions despite enormous fatigue, adaptability to foreign circumstances and ability to project a positive image for America and the team”. You can check out KTM’s web-site to learn more.

Expect to see a lot more orange in ’04.

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KTM becomes the first - Photo 1 of 18

SX 85

KTM becomes the first - Photo 2 of 18

The 200 SX. Light like a 125, power like a 250

KTM becomes the first - Photo 3 of 18

250 SX

KTM becomes the first - Photo 4 of 18

450 four-stroke

KTM becomes the first - Photo 5 of 18

The 525

KTM becomes the first - Photo 6 of 18

525 motor

KTM becomes the first - Photo 7 of 18

Jimmy Lewis checks out the 950 V-Twin Dakar Rallye bike

KTM becomes the first - Photo 8 of 18

950cc’s. GPS. Fairings. Multiple gas tanks. Paris-to-Dakar 2004!

KTM becomes the first - Photo 9 of 18

Members of the US Press get the lowdown

KTM becomes the first - Photo 10 of 18

Tom from KTM explains about these new bikes to the assembled media reps

KTM becomes the first - Photo 11 of 18

The SX/MX Media Guru was on hand to capture it all for UnderGround TV

KTM becomes the first - Photo 12 of 18

Fancy editors ‘working’

KTM becomes the first - Photo 13 of 18

G. Langston was on hand

KTM becomes the first - Photo 14 of 18

G. Langston v.2

KTM becomes the first - Photo 15 of 18

L – R Larry Roseler, Paul Krause, Scot Harden, and the 950 V-twin

KTM becomes the first - Photo 16 of 18

KTM’s Scot Harden

KTM becomes the first - Photo 17 of 18

Tom says “The flywheel has 15 grams of added weight … “

KTM becomes the first - Photo 18 of 18

Tasty vittles were served for breakfast and lunch

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