I wanted to share with you what it’s like to ride “West” Supercross, and also an entire full AMA Supercross Series. Also wanted to give a ‘shout-out’ to Chad Reed. My latest edition of King’s Korner is in the video below


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Jeremy McGrath is the “King” of Supercross. He helped popularize this sport, in a way that no other had, or has, ever. Supercross is an off-shoot of motocross, but held inside major stadium venues that normally have NFL football or MLB baseball.

Seven times Jeremy has won the coveted AMA Supercross Championship – the most prestigious in off-road motorcycle racing. The most Championships ever in the history of the sport. 72 Main Event wins – again, the most ever in the history of the sport. He also won the 1995 AMA 250 National MX outdoor title.

This is Jeremy’s blog, entitled “King’s Korner”.

King's Korner - video blog - making it thru the Supercross season - Photo 1 of 1


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