Ken Roczen dominates at Red Bud Raceway


As tradition has it; motocross racers and fans from around the world rang in Independence Day, motocross style, with Round 6 of the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championships at RedBud Raceway in Buchanan, Michigan.

As the five second board dropped on Moto one it was Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey that snagged the $500 holeshot award. Muscle Milk Honda’s, Trey Canard came out of turn one just behind Dungey, but managed to make the pass for the lead early in lap one.

James Stewart was also on the move, with a vengeance, trying to make his way by JGRMX’s Josh Grant. In an attempt to make the pass on Grant, Stewart came in a little too hot and managing to take both riders out.

Canard managed to pull a few second gap on Dungey, as the championship points leader, Ken Roczen worked to make his way through the pack. Roczen managed to make his way by his former 250 class rival, Eli Tomac, to move into third. Roczen then used his ability to make combinations of bumps and breaking bumps to close the gap on Dungey and Canard and make his way into the lead.

As Malcolm Stewart managed to make his way by Metcalfe, to move into sixth, Josh Grant also managed to make his way back into to the top ten, after getting tangled up with James Stewart.

With three laps to go Eli Tomac threw himself into the battle for second with Canard, by making his way by Dungey. Dungey managed to make his way back by Tomac to put his KTM back into third.

Roczen came from behind and dominated the pack to take the win in Moto one. After battling the entire Moto with Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard claimed second, with Dungey not far behind in third.

Heading into Moto two, it was the series points leader, Ken Roczen that took the holeshot in Moto two. But Trey Canard stole the lead away from the German-native rider right away. Dungey and Tomac ran just behind in fourth and fifth.

Roczen was all over the back tire of Trey Canard, in an attempt to make the pass on Canard. Muscle Milk/Honda’s Trey Canard managed to hold the Youngster off and hold on to the lead.

As Tomac made his way by Dungey, the battle between the front-runners began to heat up. Around the halfway point, Roczen managed to take the inside line away from Canard to take over the lead after one of the gnarliest battles of the year.

After a small mistake from Canard, Tomac and Dungey were able to move into the number two and three positions.

Stronger and fitter than ever, Roczen captured both Moto wins again to claim the overall win at RedBud in Buchanan, Michigan. Eli Tomac went 4-2 on the day to take second overall. Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey claimed third overall with a 3-3 at Redbud.

In the 250 class it was Matt Bisceglia, the rookie, that captured the holeshot award. However, the series points leader, Jeremy Martin, was on a mad dash to the front of the pack.

The three-seventy-seven of Christophe Pourcel quickly took over the lead from Bisceglia, early in lap two. But Jeremy Martin was hot on his heels, looking everywhere to make the pass on Pourcel.

Jeremy Martin was able to take over the lead, as Christophe Pourcel went down, around the halfway point. Cooper Webb also dropped out of fifth position, with a crash just before the halfway mark.

Last week’s Moto one race winner, Blake Baggett managed to make his way by Bogle, to take over second position. KTM rider, Marvin Musquin also made his way by Bogle, putting himself into third.

In a fight for fifth position, Cole Seely and Dean Wilson got tangled up and managed to lose one position to Jason Anderson.

With three laps remaining, Blake Baggett had managed to close the gap on J. Mart. Jeremy Martin was able to hold off Blake Baggett to capture his first win since Moto five at Round Three. Blake Baggett held onto second, while Jason Anderson battled it out with Marvin Musquin to take third in Moto one.

In Moto two, Rockstar/KTM rider Joey Savatgy captured the $500 holeshot award. Not far behind him all the heavy hitters were on a charge. But it was GEICO/Honda’s Justin Bogle who was the first to strike and take over the lead.

It was nearly an eight-way battle for the lead, as all the front runners managed to get out of the gate clean and in a hurry. With twenty minutes remaining it became a three way battle between Bogle and the two Yamaha teammates; Martin and Webb, for the lead.

After cross-rutting down the hill, Bogle threw away the lead to Jeremy Martin. As the Yamaha teammates set to fight over the lead, the battle for third heated up between six riders; Musquin, Anderson, Baggett, Wilson, Justin Hill and Seely.

Webb managed to make his way by Martin to take over the lead, but, Martin wasn’t about to give up the lead. Unfortunately, Jeremy Martin ran out of time before he could get back by Cooper Webb.

Jeremy Martin managed to take the overall win at RedBud with a 1-2 finish on the day. Marvin Musquin finished 4-3 on the weekend to take second overall. And Jason Anderson finished up 3-4 to take the final overall podium at RedBud.

Next week the series will head to Budds Creek Raceway in Mechanicsville, Maryland for Round Seven of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship series.

1. Ken Roczen (1-1)
2. Eli Tomac (4-2)
3. Ryan Dungey (3-3)
4. Trey Canard (2-4)
5. Andrew Short (5-5)
6. Josh Grant (6-6)
7. Chad Reed (8-7)
8. Brett Metcalfe (7-8)
9. Justin Brayton (10-9)
10. Kyle Chisholm (13-13)

1. Ken Roczen – 280
2. Ryan Dungey – 254
3. Trey Canard – 226
4. James Stewart – 196
5. Brett Metcalfe – 168
6. Josh Grant – 159
7. Andrew Short – 134
8. Chad Reed – 132
9. Weston Peick -131
10. Malcolm Stewart – 120

1. Jeremy Martin (1-2)
2. Marvin Musquin (4-3)
3. Jason Anderson (3-4)
4. Blake Baggett (2-7)
5. Cooper Webb (14-1)
6. Dean Wilson (9-5)
7. Cole Seely (8-6)
8. Alex Martin (6-9)
9. Justin Bogle (5-12)
10. Justin Hill (10-8)

1. Jeremy Martin-250
2. Cooper Webb-227
3. Blake Baggett-222
4. Justin Bogle-191
5. Marvin Musquin-181
6. Christophe Pourcel-176
7. Jason Anderson – 167
8. Cole Seely – 143
9. Justin Hill – 127
10. Jessy Nelson – 125


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