has heard from industry sources, along with information not obtained from WikiLeaks, that Kawasaki could announce plans for a unique and dynamic new Supercross Team for the 2012 racing season.

If the unconfirmed rumors are true, the team riders will be Brad Lackey, the first every American World Motocross Champion, and Jimmy Weinert, multi-time AMA Supercross / MX Champion. Together, they have over 100 years of riding experience.

Brad, commonly known back in the day as ‘Bad Brad’, and Jimmy, known as ‘The Jammer’, would be making this historic return to racing with a new strategy Kawasaki is implementing.

Below are some potential details of a potential press release:

Brad states “I’m happy to be re-united with Kawasaki and The Jammer, and helping to fulfill this new strategy. Our new strategy is ‘Experience & Age’. Our years of experience will help us to succeed in ways that youngsters can only dream of.”

Brad continues “We will not settle for anything but the 2012 AMA Supercross Series Championship. With my and Jimmy’s racing experience, age, wisdom, and our new sponsors, this should be a season to remember. I’m up for the challenge. And remember, we are in it to win it!”

Jimmy The Jammer says “You know, it’s about time someone used what Brad and I have learned over the years. Age and wisdom win out over youth and stupidity any time! As I’ve alway said ‘Second place is first loser!’. And we are not in this to get any second places. It’s win or go home.”

Says an unnamed Kawasaki spokes wheel & VP of branding “I can’t think of two better guys than Brad and Jim. We are happy to re-unite them as team-mates on this exciting and dynamic new team. We absolutely love our new concept of ‘age, experience, and wisdom’. Some of our potential new corporate sponsors include Aspirin, Tylenol, Glucosamine, Depends, and Grecian Formula. Don’t forget, the new season should be starting the first weekend in January at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, and you’ll most definitely see Kawasaki on top … one way or another.”

Rumor also has it that Mitch Payton and the Pro Circuit team were in serious negotiations to secure the services of both Brad Lackey and Jimmy Weinert. However, after looking the potential costs of Social Security, Medicare, and the new Obama Administration Health Plan, Mitch decided it was just too expensive to pursue what is sure to the one of the most historic teams in the history of Supercross racing.

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