Kawasaki invited us to Glen Helen Raceway in mid-May for an opportunity to meet & watch some of the fastest women in motocross. Riders in attendance included Team Green riders Tania Satchwell, Elizabeth Bash, Lindsey Scheltema, and New Zealand’s Katherine Prumm (who won the first two rounds of the women’s world MX championship in Germany), as well as Sarah Whitmore and Leah Cantrell.

Kawasaki is Presenting Sponsor of the 2006 Hitachi AMA/WMA National Championship Presented by Kawasaki. Kawasaki will be involved in the WMA Nationals and will have a presence at all six races. Special Kawasaki events will include: dealer appearances by Team Green riders, motorcycle displays including the Hitachi “Inspire the Next” KX250F, and special activities within the WMA pits.

“The WMA race series is a unique opportunity for girls and women to take their riding and racing skills to the highest level. The percentage of female Kawasaki customers continues to grow across the board. Racers like Elizabeth Bash and Tania Satchwell send inspirational messages to women everywhere,” said Kawasaki Public Relations Manager Jan Plessner.

The six-city competition which begins in Southern California will conclude in September at Steel City Raceway in Delmont PA. The 2006 Hitachi AMA/WMA National Motocross Championship Presented by Kawasaki schedule is as follows:

  • Rd 1: Saturday, May 13th – Glen Helen Raceway (San Bernardino CA)
  • Rd 2: Saturday, May 20th – Hangtown MX National (Sacramento CA)
  • Rd 3: Saturday, July 22nd – Thunder Valley MX National (Lakewood CO)
  • Rd 4: Saturday, July 29th – Washougal MX National (Washougal WA)
  • Rd 5: Saturday, August 19th – Broome-Tioga (Binghamton NY)
  • Rd 6: Saturday, September 2nd – Steel City Raceway (Delmont PA)

The WMA was founded in February of 2004. Miki Keller is the President of the WMA, which is committed to providing the best quality women’s motocross events while creating opportunities for women in all areas of the sport. The WMA organizes and promotes the AMA/WMA National Motocross Championship which determines the Women’s AMA Pro Champion, and the WMA Cup – the largest women’s motocross event in history. In addition the WMA works with the media to create greater exposure for women’s motocross. All WMA events are AMA Sanctioned.

The WMA holds an AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) charter and is the national ranking body for professional women’s motocross with the series’ pro champion recognized at the AMA Sports Annual Awards Banquet. In addition, the WMA hosts the event that determines the Women’s International Motocross Pro Champion. The AMA/WMA National Motocross Championship Series draws the largest field of Amateur and Professional women motocross racers, while offering the most women’s amateur/youth classes.

Miki said “We appreciate Kawasaki giving us this opportunity to get in front of the media and shine a light on women’s professional motocross and the WMA. This is our third year with Kawasaki and we are very excited to be working more closely with them this season. Kawasaki’s commitment to women in motorcycling matches the WMA’s. Together we have a common goal to increase the awareness of women’s motocross and optimize exposure for the WMA Nationals.”

Here are a few rider bios:

Tania Satchwell

  • National Number: 105
  • Born: Napier, New Zealand. Resides: Rancho Cucamonga CA
  • Date of Birth: 1980
  • Recent Top Results:
  • 2005 WMA National Pro Championship, 3rd
  • 2004 WMA National Pro Championship, 3rd
  • 2002 Women’s Pro National Championship, 3rd
  • Best Career Results:
  • 2001 Women’s Pro National Champion
  • Seven Time New Zealand Women’s National Champion
  • Favorite Track: Washougal
  • Mechanic: Cody Bathauer
  • Favorite CD: My Mix
  • Favorite Book: It’s Not about the Bike
  • Favorite Movie: Million Dollar Baby

Elizabeth Bash

  • National Number: 33
  • Motorcycle: KX(TM) 250F
  • Born: Westminster CA
  • Date of Birth: 1986
  • Recent Top Results:
  • 2005 Z1R Helmets WMA Cup, Women’s Pro, 5th
  • 2005 GNC National Championship, Women’s A, 1st
  • Best Career Results:
  • 2005 GNC National Championship, Women’s A, 1st
  • 2004 AMA/WMA Pro National Championship, 4th
  • 2003 Altex Computers WML Cup, Women’s Pro, 7th
  • 2003 WML Women’s Amateur Championship, Glen Helen, 1st
  • 2003 WML Women’s Amateur Championship, Hangtown, 1st
  • 2003 Mammoth Mountain Motocross, Women’s Amateur, 1st
  • 2003 Mosier Valley Women’s Amateur Champion
  • Favorite Track: Lake Whitney, Oak Hill, and Cycle Ranch
  • Mechanic: John Bash
  • Favorite CD: Mariah Carey
  • Favorite Book: Green Eggs and Ham
  • Favorite Movie: Next Friday

Lindsey Scheltema

  • National Number: 130
  • Motorcycle: KX(TM) 250F
  • Born: Byron Center MI
  • Date of Birth: 1988
  • Best Career Results:
  • 2005 Mini O Winter Olympics, Women’s 99cc+, 3rd
  • 2005 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, Women’s 105cc+, 8th
  • Favorite Track: Baja Acres and Gatorback Cycle Park
  • Mechanic: Dave Hall and Rick Scheltema
  • Favorite CD: Chuck by Sum 41, and I am Me by Ashley Simpson
  • Favorite Book: Mind Gym by Gary Mack
  • Favorite Movie: Master of Disguise

Jessica Patterson

  • National Number: 1
  • Motorcycle: CRF 250R
  • Born: Tallahasse FL
  • Date of Birth: 1983
  • Best Career Results:
  • 2005 AMA/WMA Pro National Champion
  • 2004 AMA/WMA Pro National Champion
  • 2004 Lake Whitney Spring National Women’s A Champion
  • 2004 GNC Women’s Champion
  • 2004 Mammoth MX, Women’s Champion
  • 2002 WML Outdoor National Championship Series, 2nd Place Pro
  • 1999, 2000, and 2002 Loretta Lynn Women’s Champion
  • 2000 WML Pro National Champion
  • Favorite Track: Mammoth, Loretta Lynn’s and Millville
  • Mechanic: Eddie Ray
  • Favorite CD: AFI, Strung Out, NoFx, Lil Jon, Eminem
  • Favorite Book: The Bible, and It’s Not About The Bike by Lance Armstrong
  • Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite, Rocky, and Seabiscuit

Leah Cantrell

  • National Number: 322
  • Motorcycle: RMZ250
  • Born: Marietta GA
  • Date of Birth: 1986
  • Best Career Results:
  • 2005 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Women’s 105cc+, 2nd
  • 2005 Lake Whitney Spring Classic, Women’s A, 2nd
  • 2005 Mini Olympics, Women’s A, 1st
  • 2004 Mini Olympics Women’s A MX, 1st
  • 2004 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, Women’s 105cc+, 3rd
  • 2004 Lake Whitney Spring Classic, Women’s A, 3rd
  • Favorite Track: Gatorback, Sugo Sportsland Japan, and Steel City PA
  • Mechanic: Tony Cantrell
  • Favorite CD: Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights and Acceptance
  • Favorite Book: Mind Gym and Harry Potter
  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook, Resident Evil, TGO: The Constant War

Sarah Whitmore

  • National Number: 4
  • Motorcycle: YZ 250F
  • Born: Cheboygan MI
  • Date of Birth: 1984
  • Best Career Results:
  • 2005 AMA/WMA Pro National Championship , 2nd
  • 2005 Loretta Lynn’s Women’s (105cc+), Champion
  • 2003 Loretta Lynn’s Women’s (105cc+), Champion
  • 2002 Loretta Lynn’s Women’s Championship (105cc+), 2nd
  • 1998 & 1999 Loretta Lynn’s Championship Women’s 12-15, Champion
  • Favorite Track: Baja Acres, MI
  • Mechanic: Terry Whitmore
  • Favorite CD: Jack Johnson, Gary Allen and Faith Hill
  • Favorite Book: It’s Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong
  • Favorite Movie: Million Dollar Baby or Cinderella Man

For additional information please visit www.womensmotocrossassociation.com

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