Our friend ANDREW LEIATAUA the BREAKFAST HOST on MORE FM TAUPO 93.5 in New Zealand conducted these two audio interviews with New Zealand motocross legends Katherine Prumm and Josh Coppins, before the big international motocross event in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, as you might know, Katherine fell in a practice crash, and was injured. The text below should give you a bit of an update on Katherine.


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Play the audio interviews here



Katherine is 20 years old, and one of the top women motocross riders in the world. She was seriously injured while practicing in West Auckland. She missed a jump, crashed hard, and then the bike pummeled her in the back. She fractured 4 vertebrae, and ligaments were damaged. Katherine suffered temporary loss of feeling in her lower limbs for some time immediately after the crash. She eventually was taken to North Shore Hospital.

She underwent a surgery that was 7 hours, and doctors fused together the broken and unstable vertebrae to stable ones above and below.

Katherine says “Somebody was watching over me, I was really lucky, not to be paralysed and I am looking forward to getting fit and strong and to being back where I want to be. I am also very grateful to have had two such fantastic surgeons. I couldn’t move my legs for about a minute, it was the most terrifying thing to go through. I never, ever want to be in a wheelchair and that was just running through my mind over and over. I was a bit out of it at the time but my friend said that I was screaming and screaming. When the ambulance did finally arrive, it took another 15 minutes to get me out of the track because they can’t go over bumps with a spinal injury, so that was pretty terrifying. They didn’t want to rush so it was another hour to get me to the hospital. It would be the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through and it’s the worst pain I’ve ever had. I’m still flat on my back and I’ll be fitted with a brace to wear for the next three months.”

The good news – it appears as if she has feeling throughout her body, and is not paralysed.

Erich (Katherine’s father) said “Kath said she knew she was in big trouble from the moment she took off from the jump. She landed face first and a result of the high impact is that the brain swells. That causes agitation which could dislodge a blood clot so Kath was heavily sedated. It is way too early to make any prognosis but it is a great relief to find that she has full feeling and use of her legs. She will be fitted with a custom fitted body cast to give her both internal and external stability. Kath is expected to be in the brace for a minimum of 3 months, followed by approximately 3 months of rehab.”

Some excerpts included are from Katherine’s friends via NZPA Press – http://www.nzpa-online.co.nz/


Thanks Andrew, Russ, and feel better Katherine!



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