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Rick Johnson, Josh Demuth

Rick: Josh, everything has been going very well for you. You are the defending arenacross champion, and you are currently leading the point standings again. Is this what you expected, or is it even better than you expected?

Josh: It’s even better than I expected. I was just hoping to come out and stay healthy and consistent. Our team is incredible – Shogun Motorsports and Yamaha. Things are going well!

Rick: Is your plan for 2003 the same as this past season – capture the arenacross title, and then do some supercross?

Josh: Yes, we will do the entire arenacross series, and then five supercross rounds. After that I’m going to either do the Canadian National MX Series, or the AMA Four-Stroke Series.

Rick: We’ve seen some ‘older’ guys take on arenacross in their ‘later’ years (like Denny Stephenson and Buddy Antunez), but you are a much younger guy. Do you want to move on to supercross eventually, or do you like the niche you have created?

Josh: I want to keep a good balance in life, especially with racing. I’m happy with where I’m at currently, and I like the people. It’s a lot of fun, and I make a living for me and my wife and family. It’s hard to leave something like that.

At the same time, every rider wants to become a supercross champion. I know I still do. So that’s a goal for me to still go after. Hopefully I can use arenacross as a stepping stone to supercross.

Rick: When we met two years ago, you were ‘hit and miss’. You were always one of the fastest guys on the track, but not always making the best results. What was the catalyst for the big change in your results? What made you go from fast and inconsistent to fast and consistent?

Josh: My mechanic Jacky. He helps me keep my head on straight. I used to have a short temper, but not so much anymore. Jacky helps me to make positive things out of negatives. He’s a big help.

And of course there is my wife. I met my wife, and then she has helped calm me down a lot.

And I met Brian O’Rourke, who is our pit pastor at the races. He’s been a big part of my life now as well.

Rick: You have God and Christ in your life now. What has that done? Does it give you a better temperament? Does it help give your life purpose as to what you are doing?

Josh: It’s helped in many ways, but more so with my overall outlook on everything. Racing is not everything in life. Other things in life are important, such as family. For me, having faith in God, and doing things with my family, makes the racing all that much easier now. I’ve become a better racer, and a better person.


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