Who is the 1976 AMA Supercross Champion, the 1974 & 1975 AMA 500 National Motocross Champion? Yes, “The Jammer”, Jimmy Weinert.

Jimmy was one of the first stars, the first personalities, of professional MX racing in the USA. Jimmy has years and years of experience, racing for different teams, and against some of the best ever in the sport.

And what is Jimmy doing today? He’s reinventing himself by giving back. With the new Jimmy Weinert Training Facility, at “South of the Border” MX in Dillon, South Carolina.

South of the Border MX has just opened, and this incredible facility has it all … two expertly designed and manicured supercross tracks, two professional motocross courses, an arenacross track, a special beginner’s track, a turn track, a fully equipped gym and much more.

Weinert made American MX history in 1973, when he rode his factory Kawasaki to victory to become the first American to ever win a Trans-AMA MX event against the vaunted ‘Europeans’.

The following season, he continued his winning ways, earning four AMA MX victories en route to grabbing the 1974 AMA 500cc Motocross Championship. The following year he returned and again took the crown.

In 1976, Jimmy brought home the AMA Supercross Series title, making him one of the top motocross / supercross racers of his era.

Jimmy says “Opening a training facility has long been a dream of mine. I have always liked working with both upcoming riders, and professional riders. Right after my brother and I sold our family business I began looking for a good location. When I saw South of the Border MX, I knew I had found the perfect place.”

Located in Dillon, South Carolina, right off the Interstate, South of the Border is a highway oasis & gateway to the southeast. A well-known landmark for over 50 years, this unique oasis has earned a reputation for providing a clean, safe & fun environment for travelers from all over the country.

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“It is really great. There are 300 hotel rooms, 100 campsites with full hookups, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more. In short, there is something for everyone to enjoy” says Weinert.

Another feature of the Jimmy Weinert Motocross Training Facility will be guest instructors. Over the coming months some of the top stars of motocross, supercross and arenacross will be on hand to give riders special pointers and tips for success.

Here are some of the stats …

Located at South Carolina’s World Famous “South of the Border” MX facility, off Interstate 95 / U.S 301-501

Learn the latest techniques in the world of supercross, motocross, and arenacross from the former MX and Supercross Champion Jimmy Weinert, along with well-known coach and track designer Lonnie Taylor, members of the Jimmy Weinert Race Team, and special guest instructors.

  • Supercross – Advanced
  • Motocross – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Arenacross – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Special introductory training rates:

  • $180 per Day
  • $850 per Week (Five Days)
  • $1000 per Month

Private lessons are available as well

Open Practice – Wednesdays – Noon to 7PM – $20 per rider

Visa, MasterCard & Discover accepted. Phone 845 361 4660

For more info and to register go to http://www.weinerttrainingfacility.com

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