Jessy Nelson and his Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil Honda made the trip from Oak Hill in Texas to Millcreek in Alabama for his second week of amateur racing. Jessy came away with three championships in Texas and was hoping to carry his momentum through Alabama.

Jessy Nelson Keeps His Winning Hopes Alive - Photo 1 of 4

Photo: Vurb Moto

The first day of racing went well as Jessy won his first 250 Moto along with his first 450 Moto. Jessy was very happy with the start of the week and really enjoyed the track in Alabama.

The second day of racing was postponed a few hours due to rain as Mother Nature came down on the Millcreek track.

Jessy’s first race in the mud was the 250 Pro Sport. He came out of the gate in the second position and sloshed his way through the mud, but was not able to match the leader’s pace and had to settle for second at the finish. Jessy cleaned up and was ready to redeem himself in the next 450 Moto. Just like the 250 race, Jessy found himself in second position off the start and once again struggled to stay with the leader. He was passed around the halfway mark and finished third. That was the conclusion of the first rounds of motos. Jessy still had championship hopes but knew he needed to step up his pace for the rest of the week.

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Photo: Motoplayground

Round two of motos were looking good for Jessy as the track was back to perfect shape and ready for action. He had first gate pick in his 250 A race and as the gate dropped and the field rounded the first turn, Jessy was in second. The top two riders gapped third spot and looked to have a great moto ahead. Jessy started losing time each lap and could not match the leader’s pace. Once again he had to settle for second at the finish. Jessy had three more races that day but could never get into a groove to take the top step and settled with three more second place finishes.

Jessy was looking good going into his final set of motos. He was tied in two of the classes for the win and for two second place overalls with a chance to still win championships.

His final 250 A Moto of the week saw Jessy in the lead and the battle for the championship was on. The front two leaders were matching each others times. On lap five, Jessy looked to be riding tight and dropped to second position. With the championship on the line, he tried everything to recapture the lead but could not match the leader and took the runner up spot in the championship.

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Photo: Vurb Moto

The next race was the 450 A class and once again, Jessy was in the lead but wasn’t able to take advantage and was passed on lap five and six and finished in third position for third overall.

Jessy had two more classes and at this point had nothing to lose.

Next up was 450 Pro Sport and Jessy shot out of the gate and right away started to pull a gap on the rest of the field. At the finish, Jessy had a comfortable lead and was pleased with his race.

“I feel good with that ride and can actually say that I rode well. I have been stuck in a rut and making dumb mistakes and over riding the bike the past few days.”

Jessy Nelson Keeps His Winning Hopes Alive - Photo 4 of 4

Photo: Vurb Moto

The last race of the week was 250 Pro Sport and Jessy once again was in the lead after lap one and put in solid consistent times and finished the race with the win.

Nelson came away with three second place overalls and one third place.

It has been a good two weeks of racing and Jessy is going to take the knowledge he gained and apply it to the rest of the year. Look for Nelson and his Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda machine to be ready for Mammoth Motocross in June.

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