The 2005 AMA/WMA National Motocross Championship wrapped up this
weekend at the Steel City National, with MotoXXX/Honda of Houston’s
Jessica Patterson taking home the Women’s Pro National Championship
number 1 plate.

Patterson came into Steel City with a comfortable 13-point lead over
Bluestarrmx/Yamaha’s Sarah Whitmore. However, the points chase seemed
to get a little more interesting after reports that Patterson injured
her knee during practice on Friday’s amateur race. Speculation about
her ability to ride the National was circulating in the women’s pits.
However, she was ready to race after a night of icing the knee and
riding her stationary bike.

In moto one Tania Satchwell, riding a borrowed CRF250, got the holeshot
with Sarah Whitmore following close behind. Patterson was in 5th behind
Jessica Gebhardt and Sherri Cruse. While Whitmore was on the hunt for
Satchwell, Patterson was working past Cruse and Gebhardt. Satchwell
held off Whitmore for nearly two laps before Whitmore made her pass.
Then Patterson picked up her pace and started to reel in Satchwell and
Whitmore. On the white flag lap Patterson passed Satchwell for second
place on an uphill double. Whitmore won the moto by two bike lengths.

In moto two, Patterson got the holeshot, but quickly surrendered the
lead to Satchwell. Satchwell had her own position in the championship
to fight for and needed to finish two-points ahead of Alisa Nix to take
3rd in the overall championship. Whitmore was in 5th behind Nix and Bau
and making a charge, but midway through lap one she went over the bars.
Whitmore landed hard on her back, taking herself out of the race.
Meanwhile, Patterson was tracking down Satchwell. Satchwell held her
off for three laps until being passed. Patterson lead the remainder of
the moto, taking first overall. Satchwell went 3-2 for second, and Nix
5-3 for third.

Whitmore was taken to the hospital at the recommendation of the track
medical staff. Fortunately she was released later that night with no
serious injuries.


1. Jessica Patterson – Hon – 2/1

2. Tania Satchwell – Yam – 3/2

3. Alisa Nix – Yam – 5/3

4. Jessica Gebhardt – Suz – 4/4

5. Elizabeth Bash – Kaw – 6/6

6. Stefy Bau – Hon – 8/5

7. Sheena Patterson – Hon – 7/8

8. Kaide Garrett – Yam – 9/10

9. Ashley Boham – Hon – 11/9

10. Sherri Cruse – Yam – 13/7


1. Jessica Patterson – 225

2. Sarah Whitmore – 190

3. Tania Satchwell – 160

4. Alisa Nix – 157

5. Tarah Geiger – 147

6. Sheena Patterson – 130

7. Aubriana Dunn – 89

8. Jessica Gebhardt – 88

9. Stefy Bau – 84

10. Kaide Garrett – 80

Courtesy Miki Keller / AMA Womens National MX Championship


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