We just received this info from Fox Racing, and the letter is from the Masterpool Family. Prayers and more for the Masterpool family.

Due to the injuries Jesse sustained, he passed away early Saturday morning.

We all feel you are now part of the family. We didn’t want anyone speaking for us in these letters and because of this we have not done the job that all of you wonderful people deserve.

Jesse was extremely passionate, positive, and considerate of how his actions might affect other people. We felt he would not want to bring this news to the riders or the fans attending last night’s supercross race. He would want the riders to focus and ride their best and the fans to celebrate in their efforts.

One of Jesse’s favorite movies was “Remember the Titans”. He felt strongly enough to wear it on his butt patch; it was a part of him. Not just a movie, but like his own name. The passion that brought such different people together dissolved old feelings between them – to see what they truly felt. Inside the soul, they were not different after all. As crazy as it may seem to Jesse and many riders, the butt patch is sacred. It is your name. It is you. It can’t be bought by a sponsor. It is a passionate symbol of who that rider is.

Your passion, faith and love have brought us all together. We all feel Jesse’s spirit; Jesse is now a part of all of us. Jesse brought us all together. We know what Jesse would want us to do.

God Bless


Jesse and the Masterpool Family

We wanted to take a second and update everyone on a few things. First and foremost, keep on praying! The Masterpool family without a doubt feels your prayers and support. Additionally, keep checking out www.jessemasterpool.com for the latest news and information regarding Jesse. We are updating the site daily as the family releases information.

A benefit fund has been created in honor of Jesse Masterpool. For those who are able and would like to make a donation there will be a dedicated Pay Pal link available (www.jessemasterpool.com). Funds will be used to assist the Masterpool family with costs surrounding his injury. No amount is too small and we thank you for your participation. If you would like to give a check you may do so by walking in to any Wells Fargo branch and reference the “Jesse Masterpool Benefit Fund.”

We also just received some Jesse Masterpool number plate stickers. We will be shipping out stickers as supplies last. Check out the website for further details.

We are currently working on getting t-shirts and wrist bands as another way for people to show their support for Jesse. We will be placing these items on Jesse’s site as they become available, so check back often.

If you would like to send a card or well wishes please use the online Group Card that we have set up. After the signatures stop coming in we will print out the card and send it to the family. http://www.groupcard.com/c/tFX4SxVTKR4

www.jessemasterpool.com is the official site of this effort and run by the people who are closest to the Masterpool family. Thank you for all of the support and prayers, they mean the world!

Courtesy Fox Racing


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