There is a story about how this helmet of all-time Supercross great Jeremy McGrath came to be … Let’s start with a quote from Troy Lee …

A few years ago, I was down at Jeremy’s house over Easter. He had this custom-built shelf around the perimeter of his garage where he wanted to display his old helmets. We started talking about all the cool paint jobs, and next thing I know, we’re up in his attic hunting for helmets like they were Easter eggs. We brought them all down and lined them up in order of the championships he had won.

So many memories came up. Jeremy was saying things like, ‘I remember I won the Anaheim race in this one’ and ‘I was Rookie of the Year in this one’ and ‘This is when I was on the Suzuki and you painted Butterflies on my helmet for the opening round at the Coliseum.’ Up to that point in time, I hadn’t realized I had painted 56 helmets for him — and probably a dozen more since.”

And how about a quote from Supercross King Jeremy McGrath himself?

When Troy spoke with me about doing this helmet, he asked me to choose the four helmet designs I liked the most. I chose the helmet I wore as a rookie when I won my first supercross championship; the helmet I wore in 1996 when I won 13 straight supercross main events; the helmet I wore for Anaheim that had $100 laminated into the design; and my favorite design of all – the helmet with the red, yellow and black bubbles painted on it.

Somehow, Troy was able to combine four helmets into one, and call each design out with small sayings like, ‘Anaheim! My favorite track!’,’93 My Rookie Year’,’13 Straight wins!’ and ‘The King of Supercross!'”

Troy Lee says: “This was my inspiration to create and produce the limited edition Jeremy McGrath Replica helmet. We’ve been together through 72 supercross main events victories and seven supercross championships. In fact we’ve been together throughout his entire professional career. For the McGrath Replica helmet we’ve taken four of Jeremy’s favorite helmets and blended them together into a bitchin’, one-of-a-kind, limited edition helmet. A full carbon-fiber shell with Kevlar®-reinforced weave and a total of 47 printed colors, this is the most unique helmet we’ve ever created. Also incorporated into the design is a candy red foil TLD logo, lines of silver leaf trim that separate the four designs, engine-turned titanium mouthpiece and vents, a white liner, black (or red) rubber molding and limited edition numbering.

And here are seven great facts from Troy Lee on how to ensure a correct fit on your helmet!

  • Remove all cheek pads from the helmet
  • Put on the helmet and make sure it feels comfortable resting on the crown of your head
  • Put in the cheek pads, making sure each pad touches your face, with no pressure points
  • Test the fit by grabbing the front of the helmet and move your head to the left and right
  • If your head moves independently of the helmet you need to use thicker cheek pads
  • Install thicker cheek pads in the the helmet and repeat step four until your face does not move
  • inside the helmet. This constitutes a secure fit
  • The helmet should be snug but manageable, as the pads will compress 1/3 in size over time


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