Jeremy McGrath, the man whose name is synonymous with supercross, has retired from full-time professional racing.

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I talked with Jeremy earlier today, and he said ‘Everything is fine. I’ve always told myself that when I have other things on my mind besides giving 100% and winning, that I would retire.”

“Earlier this year I dislocated my hip, and after that I had a concussion. Ever since then I’ve been tentative on the bike, and not giving it 100%. I’m not going to go out and ride around mid-pack, when people and companies have hired me to be near the front of the pack, and winning.”

“I’ve definitely struggled with the thought of it. This morning I had a long discussion with my wife Kim, my Mom and Dad, my mechanic Skip, and my team manager Larry. We decided it was the best thing to do. It’s the right time to make the transition.”

I asked Jeremy if he’ll continue to do things with KTM, Bud Light, and his other sponsors, such as putting a new rider on the McGrath Racing team. He said “It’s not that easy to just slip in another rider at this level. KTM, Bud Light, Parts Unlimited, and all my other sponsors have been very supportive and understanding. But it’s not that easy to replace a rider, especially at this time of the year. Our plans have yet to be resolved, but we are working on it.”

I admire Jeremy tremendously. Not only as a rider, but as a person too. It takes more balls to make a decision like that and walk away from the racing aspect of the sport than it does to make a ‘Farewell Tour’ and ride around.

For Jeremy, I imagine right now in some ways it feels like a breath of fresh air. I’m sure when he goes to the first Anaheim race, some of it will be painful – Separation anxiety – Doubts about doing the right thing. But he knows that.

Jeremy has worked very hard to build up both himself and sport over the years. Jeremy will move on to tackle new things in the same way he did with racing.

Jeremy has been a fixture in supercross since 1991, when he won his first of two 125 West championships for Team Peak/Pro-Circuit.

1993 was Jeremy’s first year on Team Honda, and he won the first of seven AMA 250 Supercross titles.

His records in supercross are truly remarkable:

72 wins

1991 – 125 West Champion

1992 – 125 West Champion

1993 – 250 Supercross Champion

1994 – 250 Supercross Champion

1995 – 250 Supercross Champion

1996 – 250 Supercross Champion

1997 – 2nd – 250 Supercross

1998 – 250 Supercross Champion

1999 – 250 Supercross Champion

2000 – 250 Supercross Champion

2001 – 2nd – 250 Supercross

2002 – 3rd – 250 Supercross

In addition, Jeremy won the 250 AMA National Motocross Championship in 1995.

In 1997, Jeremy rode for Suzuki.

In 1998, Jeremy signed with Team Chaparral Yamaha, and won three titles.

In 2001, Jeremy formed his own team, McGrath Racing, and continued to ride Yamaha.

In the summer of 2002, McGrath Racing teamed with KTM.

As more details become available, I’ll have them here.


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Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 1 of 9

Jeremy testing his KTM’s

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 2 of 9

Jeremy, 1996, Glen Helen

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 3 of 9

96 Glen Helen National

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 4 of 9

Jeremy, 1997 Los Angeles Coliseum

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 5 of 9

Jeremy talking to Suzuki boss Roger De Coster

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 6 of 9
Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 7 of 9

Jeremy winning Anaheim 2001

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 8 of 9

The Nac Nac – this photo says it all!

Jeremy McGrath has retired - Photo 9 of 9

Jeremy and me at Day In The Dirt 2002

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