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Jeremy Martin

In the past couple of weeks, the youngster, Jeremy Martin has astounded race fans and industry professionals, alike. The 21 year-old Minnesota-native turned heads when he led the entire first moto at Glen Helen Raceway and won the race by nearly 20 seconds over his competitors. After dominating the second moto in a similar fashion, it was obvious that the kid had the speed and the confidence to lead the class of the most prestigious 250 motocross athletes in the world. But many questioned is Jeremy Martin the real deal? Can he really do it again? With all the variables to take into account in the sport of motocross it wouldn’t have surprised a sole if Martin showed up at Hangtown to struggle to muster up a top ten finish.

But Jeremy Martin returned at Hangtown to reassure the industry that he was, indeed, the real deal. J. Martin (aka. Bullfrog), standing a mere 5 foot 7 dominated both motos once again at Round 2, winning both by over 15 seconds. The Star Racing/Yamalube rider rode out of sight in a fashion that many would compare to a Ricky Charmichael, James Stewart or Jeremy McGrath.

However, What is incredibly remarkable about this kid though is the fact that he went from barely qualifying for super cross main events, only a few months ago, to now leaving past champions in the dust.  

Jeremy was born into the industry with racing in his blood, as son to a former acclaimed racer and little brother to Alex Martin. After winning multiple mini O’s championships in 2011, Martin was signed to a professional contract for the 2012 season. J.Martin held his own with many top ten and top five finishes throughout his rookie year in 2013 with a career best 4-3 nearing the end of the season. He was also awarded the 2013 rookie of the year award for his impressive results in the series. As the Millville, MN-native entered his rookie Supercross season he struggled to qualify for main events. Although he said it was one of the lowest points in his life, The Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha rider put his head down with sights set on the top. Just outside the spotlight, for the majority of the series, Martin wowed the industry again by winning the Finale race at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Martin seemingly utilized the confidence he earned at Vegas to carry him through his off season training program, as he came out swinging for the Lucas Oil AMA motocross season opener. The 21 year-old dominated the first 5 races in the 250 class. However, after experiencing some struggles in the second moto at Thunder Valley, the question now is how will Martin rebound from his obviously less than satisfactory results from last weekend? 

This weekend the Lucas oil AMA Motocross championship series will flood Mt. Morris, PA for round 4 at High Point Raceway. Although Martin is leading the points by 36 points, former champion Blake Baggett earned valuable confidence credits last week after taking the overall for the weekend. Martin has reassured race fans that he is still human with the struggles he faced last weekend. Be sure to tune in this weekend to see how Martin bounces back from the disappointments of last weekend. 


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