Jeremy Albrecht is the Team Manager and more behind the NASCAR & Joe Gibbs fueled Supercross Team. In just their second full supercross season, new Team rider Josh Grant, riding a Yamaha YZ 450 four-stroke, won the opening round of the AMA/FIM Supercross Series in early January. We caught up with Jeremy for this early season report. We are three races into the 2009 season – what are your overall thoughts so far?

Jeremy: I’m very happy with Josh Grant’s results so far. The goal was top five, and he has been doing that, and more. The win at the opening round in Anaheim was awesome, and not expected this early in the long term plans.

Jeremy Albrecht talks about the Joe Gibbs Racing team & 2009 Supercross - Photo 1 of 2 The Supercross Series is going to an ‘East’ race now this weekend in Houston – does that make any difference for your team since you are on 450’s, or, is there any difference?

Jeremy: For us and our team, there isn’t much difference. Since we are based out of North Carolina, it just makes the plane flights shorter – but our goals remain the same. Josh Grant has run well at every round, is right there in the point standings, and won a Main Event. What made you choose Josh as a rider months before you could of predicted any of this would happen?

Jeremy: We had some various options, and Josh fit the best for our team and long term goals. He was willing to move to North Carolina and work with our trainer, so we really felt he was the right guy. I knew he had the talent, and when he rode the Yamaha 450 he was smooth and fast. You never know for sure at the start, but Josh has been a perfect fit for our team. Team member Cody Cooper – where’s he at in your opinion? Is supercross his forte, or is it something he maybe needs more experience at?

Jeremy: We new it would take some time for Cody to feel comfortable riding Supercross, as he doesn’t have quite the experience as a lot of other riders, but I feel he will do it in time. Also, I am really excited to see both of our guys racing outdoors when supercross is over. Can you compare your past life when you were based on the West Coast, compared to now where you are based on the East Coast?

Jeremy: The weather was better in California, but with our entire team being together here in North Carolina, it’s worth the trade off. We all see each other, and help each other every day. The team all living in one place is the best for everyone. I’m a believer in the program we have here at Joe Gibbs Racing.

Jeremy Albrecht talks about the Joe Gibbs Racing team & 2009 Supercross - Photo 2 of 2

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