A very emotional supercross win – for Lila

Just two days after the passing of his seven-month old daughter Lila, Jay Marmont came out victorious in the fourth round of the Monster Energy Super X in Canberra.

The entire event scene was smothered in stickers bearing the name ‘Lila’, a pink love heart. This included all of the riders, crew, and management donning the stickers to show their support for the Marmont family’s tragedy.

“It’s been a really tough week and I was going to stay at home in grief and watch the race on TV, but the overwhelming support from everyone gave me the strength to come out and race. Everyone here is my second family and I just can’t thank them enough” said a teary-eyed Jay Marmont after the race.

CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Marmont took all three holeshots, switching into race mode for the triple challenge final that pitted riders against each other in three, ten lap races. Marmont lead for the first half of the first final before an in-form defending Australasian Supercross Series Champion Chad Reed caught him to take the win.

The second final was again won by Reed, with Marmont gaining a solid third place behind Pacific Ink Coastal KTM High Roller Energy’s Daniel McCoy.

The explosive final ten lap race saw Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Reed lose control momentarily at the start, and then Chad was sent flying off his bike after the bike behind him collided with his wheel. Reed did not finish the race, which left it wide open for Marmont, who never looked back from his lead position to take the win, where he pumped his fists and looked to the sky as he jumped across the finish line.

The entire crowd rose to their feet and applauded in appreciation, aware of the very special moment they had just witnessed.

Marmont’s friend and competitor Reed said he had the utmost respect for Jay, and couldn’t believe how tough he was to come out and race.

“Jay Marmont is amazing and races don’t get any tougher than that. I can’t imagine how hard this is for him and his family. Our hearts are with him in this really difficult time” said Reed.

Daniel McCoy finished second overall for his first podium of the series, with championship leader Woodstock Honda Thor Racing’s Daniel Reardon finishing third, which was enough for him to remain points leader in the series.

On hand racing in Australia this weekend – 7-time AMA Supercross Series Champion Jeremy McGrath! Jeremy is mostly retired these days, but does make an occasionally race now and then. In talking to Jeremy earlier in the week back home in California and asking ‘Why Australia?’, his reply was ‘Australia is awesome. It’s beautiful. I love it there.”

The 250cc class riders also raced the Triple Challenge in the final in three, eight lap races. It was championship leader Shift Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss, who once again dominated. He dropped only one of the three races to Serco Yamaha’s Kyle Cunningham. JDR Motorsport’s Ryan Marmont (Jay’s younger brother) rode consistent in all races to finish second overall. with local rider Lawson Bopping, from Shift Motul Suzuki, finishing third.

Monster Energy Super X will now head to Sydney’s Paramatta Stadium for the fifth round next Saturday November 14.

Monster Energy Super X Triple Challenge Results

  1. Jay MARMONT, Yamaha
  2. Daniel McCOY, KTM
  3. Daniel REARDON, Honda
  4. Michael BYRNE, Honda
  6. Chad REED, Kawasaki
  7. Troy CARROL, Kawasaki
  8. Jeremy MCGRATH, Honda
  9. Craig ANDERSON, Kawasaki
  10. Cameron TAYLOR, Suzuki

Lites Double Header Final Results

  1. Matt MOSS, Suzuki
  2. Ryan MARMONT, Yamaha
  3. Lawson BOPING, Suzuki
  4. Luke STYKE, Yamaha
  5. Brendan HARRISON, Yamaha
  6. Kyle CUNNINGHAM, Yamaha
  7. Danny ANDERSON, KTM
  8. Kirk GIBBS, Yamaha
  9. Lewis WOODS, Kawasaki
  10. Taylor POTTER, KTM

Monster Energy Super X OPEN championship standings

  1. Dan REARDON, Honda, 89
  2. Jay MARMONT, Yamaha, 88
  3. Chad REED, Monster Energy Kawasaki, 82
  4. Tye SIMMONDS, KTM, 68
  5. Daniel McCOY, KTM, 62

Monster Energy Super X 250cc championship standings

  1. Matt MOSS, Suzuki, 100
  2. Lawson BOPPING, Suzuki, 78
  3. Ryan MARMONT, Yamaha, 75
  4. Kyle CUNNINGHAM, Yamaha, 75
  5. Brendan HARRISON, Yamaha, 59

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Jay Marmont takes Canberra Supercross win - Photo 1 of 5

Jay Marmont – Supercross winner!

Jay Marmont takes Canberra Supercross win - Photo 2 of 5

Matt Moss and his Suzuki have decimated the 250 Supercross Lites class!

Jay Marmont takes Canberra Supercross win - Photo 3 of 5

Chad Reed won two of the three finales on his new Kawasaki

Jay Marmont takes Canberra Supercross win - Photo 4 of 5

Jeremy McGrath racing Supercross – in Australia!

Jay Marmont takes Canberra Supercross win - Photo 5 of 5

All about Lila …

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