Jason Lawrence 2008 AMA 250 Lites West Supercross Champion - Photo 1 of 1

  • Anaheim 1 – 2nd
  • Phoenix – 5th
  • Anaheim 2 – 21st
  • San Francisco – 1st
  • Anaheim 3 – 1st
  • San Diego – 1st
  • Houston – 2nd
  • Seattle – 2nd

Interview: 2008 AMA Lites Western Division Supercross Champion – Jason Lawrence

by Angela H

Angela: How are you feeling right now Jason?

Jason: I am feeling really happy right now … really really happy for me and Corey (race technician). I am just really pumped we were able to put it together with such a big deficit in the beginning, and be really dominate in the last 5 races. That’s what we are happy about now, and we’re also happy that I wheelied down the starting line and came out fifth. I wheelied so hard I couldn’t even shift. I had to wait for my front wheel to come down before I could shift, … I didn’t want to let off. I was like “Awwwhhhh! Dah dah dah dah tah dah, awh!” It was so funny, … oh, … and it was so easy.

Angela: You are the Lites West Coast Supercross Champion, what does this mean to you?

Jason: This means that it pays off, … everything I’ve worked for this whole year. It’s a dream come true to win a championship. I thought it was a dream come true when I got on the podium for the first time. Then I thought it was a dream come true when I finally won a race, … and now I’ve won the championship. I don’t know what comes after this, but back to back championships if I am lucky. I really want to thank my team manager Dan, my mechanic Corey, my agent Scott, Ryno (Ryan Hughes) my trainer, my bus driver, my whole family and all the awesome sponsors we have. Thank you!

Born April 8, 1987 & lives in Carlsbad, California. Congratulations Jason!

Bonus! With J-Law BEFORE the big race and championship!

by Angela

You could feel the good vibes at the Yamaha of Troy tent. Jason Lawrence had eight weeks off to think about how this night would end at the final West Coast event of 2008 here in Seattle.

Jason greeted fans, hung out with his team, and at one point looked to be having a blast as he and his team mates threw t-shirts and other gifts out in the crowd from atop of the Semi. After the first two practices and some spaghetti lunch, I sat down with Jason before his big night.

Angela: Jason, welcome back to some West Coast racing, here to finish up the series, you had an eight week break from racing. What have you been doing during that time off?

We took the first of the break to get all the outdoors stuff out of the way. I did a lot of testing and did a lot of outdoor riding in California. Then we got back to Supercross, so with two months off we did a month of outdoor and a month of Supercross … we split it up right down the middle. I did a lot of riding and training, and I feel like I am back where I was on Supercross right before the break.

Angela: You made an appearance at ESPN’s Navy Moto X World Championships – what was that like?

Jason: That was cool. It was a different race. I mainly went there to get more race experience before this race so I didn’t have the jitters here. I won my heat race and then I got a second place start in the main and I was pumped because I was on a 250F, but then I crashed in the third turn right after the whoops. At the half way point I was in fifth, so I just pulled off because there was no way I was getting on the podium.

Angela: Well, it was a unique and different event for you and looked like fun!

Yeah, it was a fun, and it was different. It was real close to my house and it wasn’t something I had to fly to; I can’t stand all that traveling, so it was cool to do that. I was also doing it for my sponsors, Monster was big in that event and that is who I did it for. For sure, I had a blast, I was just bummed that I didn’t get a gold helmet or whatever they were giving out to the winners, but it was still fun.

Angela: Okay, down to business and why we are here today, we are one Lites Main Event away from crowning that West Coast Lites Championship, how do you feel going into tonight’s race?

Jason: I feel like I am going to be the Lites Champion. It’s going to take something pretty stupid on my part not to get on the podium tonight. I don’t really have that much of a problem doing that, I just need to put my head down and not crash. I feel confident there is no way I won’t be on the podium to win my title, … if I can stay off the ground. It’s going to take a good start, with no mistakes and let Dungey do his own deal, and I just need to get on that podium.

Angela: You really stepped up your game this year and your results are proof, what did you do differently this year compared to past years?

Jason: It’s fitness and conditioning … it’s way better now. I trained with Ryan Hughes for a while and he got me in great shape, and I have to thank him for that. It’s kind of a bummer, because we don’t actually work together any more, but he did help me get into shape a lot, which is great and that set me up for the position I am in right now.

Angela: The track here in Seattle looks real technical. What do you think will happen in tonight’s race with a track like this?

Jason: It’s not going to be a close race because the track is very technical. So me, Dungey, & Stroupe should pull away from the rest of the pack, I think.

Angela: You have a lot of friends, family, and fans waiting to watch you race tonight. How excited are you getting ready for tonight, or are you nervous at all, and what will you do to till race time?

Jason: I am not really nervous; I just look at it as another race and I just need to get on the podium. It’s not too big of a feat for me, so I am just playing it calm and not letting the nerves get the best of me so I don’t make any dumb mistakes. And till race time I am going to eat my spaghetti dinner and do some yoga, … nah, … I am just kidding, I’ll just chill out till the race.

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