It was a secret. James Stewart didn’t even know.

But Yamaha had planned a special day at their USA corporate headquarters for the new 2009 Supercross Champion James Stewart.

The staff of Yamaha assembled outside, ready to see James, and award him with one of the coolest ‘trophies’ ever – his Supercross Championship winning #7 YZ 450! It was a celebration. Not only for Yamaha to congratulate James on winnning the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series championship, but also for James to share the championship with his ‘team’ – everyone at Yamaha.

In the video below, you’ll see & hear James talk about his championship season, special presenter Doug Henry, L & M / San Manuel / Yamaha team manager Larry Brooks, and more.

James Stewart's 2009 Supercross Championship Presentation - Photo 1 of 1

Congratulations James Stewart, 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series Champion!


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