High Point Raceway

This week the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championship series headed East to Pennsylvania to the hills of High Point Raceway for Round four of the Championship. Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart got out front early to capture both moto wins and put a stop to the KTM dominance.

TwoTwo Motosports/Discount Tire’s Chad Reed ran it in deep, leading the pack into turn one and capturing theMotosport.com Holeshot award. James Stewart, just behind Reed, looking to battle as the two have done for over a decade. Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer was just behind, followed by BTO Sports/KTM’s Andrew Short.

Chad Reed Takes Hole Shot

As Andrew Short got a wheel in on Weimer to move into third, Stewart made his way by longtime rival, Chad Reed to move into the lead.

Muscle Milk/Honda’s Trey Canard also made his way by Weimer and Short to move himself into third. As Roczen went to work making his way through the pack back from tenth, Dungey managed to make his way by Weimer to move into fifth.

Shortly after, Weimer got tangled up with Malcolm Stewart and both riders went down. Malcolm Stewart managed to get back up, but, unfortunately the same didn’t go for Weimer. Weimer was attended to by the trackside medical crew.

As Dungey closed in on Short and managed to make the pass for fourth, Roczen had made his way by Metcalfe, Tedesco, Nicholetti and Short to close up on the back tire of Dungey.

Making his way by Chad Reed, the Muscle Milk backed Honda rider moved into second looking to chase down the number seven of James Stewart around the half-way point. Dungey also looking to keep the front runners in sight, squared up the inside and made his way by Reed after following him for four laps. Reed also didn’t let Roczen by without a fight, but, after many attempts Roczen made his way by Reed, as well.

With only six minutes remaining on the clock, Roczen made his way to the rear tire of Dungey, once again. As Dungey had already closed the gap on Canard, it became a three way battle for second.

Although it appeared that Roczen was a little bit faster than Dungey, Dungey was able to hold him off with some aggression. However, after coming short on the uphill and going off the course, Roczen was able to make the pass.

As the front runners continued to push each other, Canard also went down, giving second to Roczen and allowing Dungey to move into third.

Ken Roczen vs. Ryan Dungey High Point Raceway

James Stewart rode with confidence to take the moto one win. Ken Roczen managed to put himself on the podium with a second in moto one. And Ryan Dungey claimed the final podium position with a third place finish.

Chad reed seemed to have his starts down as he stole the Holeshot from James Stewart on the inside line. But Stewart didn’t waste any time making his way into lead. The forty-one of Trey Canard followed Stewart by Reed, looking to hang with the number seven.

Dungey also made quick work of the still recovering, Chad Reed, in an attempt to not lose sight of the front runners.

Impressively, Canard managed to keep Stewart in his sights, as Dungey and Roczen slowly began to reel him in. As many race fans know when Stewart is really on he is typically gone way out front. However, the hills of High Point Raceway forced the issue into a four way battle for the lead.

Dungey made many attempts to get by the forty-one but Canard managed to hold off both KTM riders.

With only five minutes remaining on the clock Roczen made a pass on his teammate that stuck to take over third position. Dungey found his way back into third position shortly after the white flag came out.

But unfortunately, Dungey returned third position to Roczen after going down on the last lap.

James Stewart got out front early to to capture both moto wins and the overall at High Point. Roczen went 2-3 on the day to take second overall. And Trey Canard finished out the day with a third overall, going 4-2.

In the 250 class it was Christophe Pourcell who took the Motosport.com Holeshot award, with Justin Bogle and Jeremy Martin hot on his heels. Pourcell left the inside wide open for Bogle to make the pass and he did just that, making his way into the lead.

As the race began to shape up, Jeremy Martin struggled to make the pass on the Pourcell. This allowed Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett to close in on J. Mart. After finally making his way by Pourcell, Jeremy Martin was passed by Blake Baggett on the outside, for the first time this season. Baggett was evidently on the hunt, as well, managing to make his way by Bogle to take over the lead.

Jeremy Martin quickly made his way by Justin Bogle, in an attempt to keep Baggett in sight. As Martin tried to hang with Baggett, Cooper Webb set his sights on making his way Pourcell. Webb ran it in deep complete the pass on Frencman, Christophe Pourcell, making his way into fourth.

The number thirty-seven of Cooper Webb managed to close the gap on Bogle, determined to make the pass for third. After a small mistake from Bogle, Webb was able to make his way by into third.

Blake Bagget claimed his second win in a row this season after a win in moto two last weekend. Jeremy Martin settled for second on moto one, while his teammate, Cooper Webb worked his way from outside the top ten to finish third.

Blake Baggett Celebrating High Point Win

In moto two Pourcell led the pack into turn one, capturing the Motosport.com Holeshot award, once again. Pourcell was followed into turn one by Justin Hill and Jason Anderson.

Cole Seely and Blake Baggett moved into the four and five positions with Jeremy Martin and Cooper Webb sitting back in eighth and ninth.

Baggett was evidently on the hunt as he charged by Seely, his teammate Justin Hill and Jason Anderson to move himself into second. Baggett then set his sights on Pourcell and managed to complete the pass by tripling by the Frenchman to take over the lead.

Jason Anderson was also on the hunt as he charged by Pourcell around the outside to put himself into second.

Bogle began to put the pressure on Pourcell, but, unfortunately time ran out for the Honda rider.

Blake Baggett swept High Point to take the overall win on the day. After a crash in moto two, Jeremy Martin’s finishes earned him a second overall at High Point. And Jason Anderson took second in moto two to claim third overall for the weekend. 

Next week the series will take a break before heading to Tennessee for round five of the series on June 28th. 



1. James Stewart (1-1)

2. Ken Roczen (2-3)

3. Trey Canard (4-2)

4. Ryan Dungey (3-4)

5. Josh Grant (6-6)

6. Weston Peick (10-5)

7. Andrew Short (7-8)

8. Chad Reed (5-10)

9. Brett Metcalfe (9-7)

10. Phil Nicholetti (8-12)



1. Blake Baggett (1-1)

2. Jeremy Martin (2-6)

3. Jason Anderson (7-2)

4. Justin Bogle (4-4)

5. Christophe Pourcell (6-3)

6. Cooper Webb (3-7)

7. Marvin Musquin (5-8)

8. Justin Hill (9-5)

9. Cole Seely (8-9)

10. Alex Martin (10-10)



1. Ken Roczen (183)

2. Ryan Dungey (167)

3. James Stewart (161)

4. Trey Canard (150)

5. Brett Metcalfe (115)

6. Josh Grant (104)

7. Weston Peick (104)

8. Malcolm Stewart (90)

9. Chad Reed (88)

10. Andrew Short (74)



1. Jeremy Martin (177)

2. Cooper Webb (148)

3. Blake Baggett (141)

4. Christophe Pourcell (128)

5. Justin Bohle (126)

6. Jason Anderson (117)

7. Marvin Musquin (111)

8. Justin Hill (93)

9. Jessy Nelson (91)

10. Cole Seely (87)

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