From the official James Stewart website: By now most of you have likely seen, read, or heard about my chaotic night at round number two of the Supercross series in Phoenix. Nothing seemed to go my way last night, but at the end of it all, I chalk most of the events up to an unfortunate string of bad luck! Here’s my take…

After setting the fastest overall lap in qualifying, I went into the night program feeling pretty good. In what can only really be described as an unfortunate racing incident, however, I ended up hobbling off the track after getting landed on in my heat race. I was in pretty bad shape, but I tried my best to get back out there to race for as many points as possible in the main event. After a rough start, I found myself battling mid-pack, which ended in a pileup on lap five with Reed. The accident itself was a bummer, but while I was getting up, CR hit me in the back of my head. Needless to say, I was pretty dissatisfied with his decision to do so, especially given the fact that it’s not the first time this has happened.

From there, I simply rode my best to salvage as many points as possible, and then after the race went straight back to the pits to have a chat with Chad about the incident. To say that I was frustrated at this point would be a huge understatement, so I think it was for the best that Chad, nor anyone from his team, could be found at their truck.

I want to race. That’s why I’m here. So to consistently have to look over my shoulder every time CR gets close has gotten really old. From where I sit, it sure seems like he has repeatedly tried to take me out, which makes me question his agenda.

Thank you all for your loyal support, and I look forward to the championship battle that lies ahead.

– James

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