James Stewart suffered a concussion in his heat race at the Indy Supercross and was unable to continue. Below is a statement issued from the Stewart camp. Get well soon Bubba…

“I just wanted to personally take the time to check in with you all after this weekend’s race. Over the past few weekends we as a team have been working really well and built up some solid momentum that carried us straight into Indianapolis. The practice sessions were good. We were able to go fast and the team and I were really excited to get out there and race. But unfortunately it didn’t play out the way we expected it to and I was unable to finish out the night.

As for right now, I’m heading in for further checks and after that we’ll reevaluate this weekend’s race in Toronto. We’ll keep you all in the loop as this goes, but right now I wanted to thank all of you for the support. To my fans, my team, my sponsors, my family, my friends; everyone out there that’s been supporting me; THANK YOU. I’ve seen a lot of posts online, been reading through the well wishes and everything else. And it’s really cool to see you guys looking out for us riders.”

Thank you

– James Stewart #7   



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