From our colleague, Geoff Meyer, comes these words from and about James Stewart and the 2009 FIM World Motocross Grand Prix Series …

As we mentioned recently Tyla Rattray is heading to America, but the biggest news to come out of the off-season is the coming appearances of James Stewart and maybe Chad Reed in the FIM world championship. In a recent interview in MotoX magazine in England Stewart tells of his love of europe and his liking for the european fans. This kid is making friends fast, check it out …

The interview was done by Germany photograph legend Frank Hoppen, and is one of the best interviews I have ever seen and heard from Stewart.

Some of the cool quotes from Stewart are that he doesn’t like the security around the Team USA and he wants to fans to be able to get closer. Bring on Italy and the 2009 Motocross of Nations because that race will be full on as the GP riders try and get close to Stewart and Villopoto on a hard pack circuit (which will suit the GP riders).

On a personal note, I expect next years MXoN to be even better than Budds Creek, Ernee and Donington Park. Remember the Fast Cross of years gone, well this will be a similar atmosphere.

Here is what he said about the team security: To be honest it is great to come and race, but I think it is not cool to keep the fans away from us, I love the fans. In Bercy I spent a lot of time with the fans and I really enjoyed that.

Stewart also mentions how he has a new friend in Marc de Reuver. The dutchman and Stewart are now friends, so much so that de Reuver is thinking of inviting the American over to stay in his house in Lommel (Stewart is looking at racing maybe Lommel or Lierop for a GP).

Stewart said: Marc is one of the coolest guys I have met at the race track.

On the Grand Prix riders against the AMA riders Stewart was again humble and complimentary of the GP riders.

Here is what he said: There is no difference between the AMA and GP riders, overall at the MXoN we had the better team. Look I got a 25th, Villopoto a 10th and Ferry a 9th, we didn’t dominate and France probably should have won but they got a DNF.

On racing the Grand Prix series, Stewart is looking forward to doing the business against the GP riders.

Here is what he said: I am not sure which ones, but I want to do the USGP for sure, and I want to do some in europe, I want to go over there and race for the win, not holding back at all, I want to go over there and hang it out. If I crash, then I crash. I am not in the series, so I have nothing to lose. It is a victory for the fans.


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