First, 450 Supercross Houston Main Event winner James Stewart, moments after he took the checkered flag.

James Stewart and Christophe Pourcel comment after their Houston Supercross wins - Photo 1 of 2

Amanda: James Stewart, Houston Supercross, 4 races so far this season, and tonight was your third win! Congratulations!

James: Yeah … the weekend went good. It is amazing how you can win 3 races and

still be so far back in points. We dug ourselves in a hole, and all I can do is my best. We have been trying really hard to get out of here (the points hole) and also trying to have some fun, … and this weekend we did!”

Amanda: You had to work pretty hard the first few laps in the 20 lap main event …

James: Yeah R.V. (Ryan Villopoto) was on the gas out there. That was fun! He took off, and I kind of started laughing to myself. I thought “Here we go! I’m going to have to chase you down!” But it was a clean race – I got on the inside of him and I like racing clean. He’s a good kid, and he is only going to get better!

Amanda: Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you in person and on the race track next weekend!

James: Thank you!

And, then, 250 East Supercross Main Event winner Christophe Pourcel

James Stewart and Christophe Pourcel comment after their Houston Supercross wins - Photo 2 of 2

Amanda: Christophe Pourcel, it is the opeing round of the Eastern division for 2009 Supercross, here in Houston. You have had to overcome a lot of bad luck over a period of time, including a broken collar bone, a broken pelvis … and more. But you are back and you won tonight – congratulations!

Christophe: Yeah … you know, I broke some bones a couple years ago, and have had to work very hard to make it back to Supercross and to be here tonight to race! It is a great moment for me, and I would like to thank everybody that made it happen!

Amanda: What was going on through your mind during the last couple of laps of that 15 lap main event victory?

Christophe: I was just focused on making good, consistent laps,because of what my mechanic said to me. He told me I was riding good, and stay focused on that. So I kept thinking “DON’T CRASH! DON’T FALL!” I just listened to him, stayed focused, and won

the race!

Amanda: What did your mechanic say to you before the race?

Christophe: He was actually very quiet, … he didn’t say much. He just told me he would show me my lap times. And that’s what he did!

Amanda: Well, congratulations on such a hard earned win! It’s a great story of a great comeback for you!

Christophe Hey, thank you so very much!

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