James was injured at Saturday’s supercross in Las Vegas. If you saw the race in person or on TV, you saw that he hit the ground hard.

The results of that crash? Broken collarbone, sore ribs, and a concussion. Most of us are familiar with soreness and broken bones. But concussions are not as well known.

James is already recovering nicely. He attended the after-season supercross banquet on Sunday, and was in great spirits. This guy is a class act too.

You can send a message to James and his family right here in our message boards. I know’ll they will see and read them.

Here’s hoping the defending 125 National Champion and 125 West supercross champion gets better soon.


James 'Bubba' Stewart injury update - Photo 1 of 3

James 'Bubba' Stewart injury update - Photo 2 of 3

James 'Bubba' Stewart injury update - Photo 3 of 3

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