Press Release: PICKERINGTON, Ohio – JamSports and AMA Pro Racing today announced the list of major-market cities that will constitute the 2003 AMA U.S. Supercross Championship. The season will kick off in Los Angeles on January 4 and conclude in New York on May 3.

The cities included in the 2003 AMA U.S. Supercross season are: New York, Los Angeles (two rounds), Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boston, New Orleans, Charlotte, Tampa, and Daytona.

The 2003 markets reinforce JamSports’ and AMA Pro Racing’s commitment to spread the AMA U.S. Supercross Championship geographically and to include more heavily populated areas that better represent the entire country.

“It was extremely important that our 2003 series send a clear signal of our commitment to the sport and its incredibly talented athletes,” said Jerry Mickelson a principal in JamSports. “We are dedicated to growing AMA Supercross, and we will not allow cost factors, yesterday’s excuses or obstructions of any kind to deter us from doing the right thing.”

John Farris, AMA Pro Racing vice president of commercial development, concludes, “The announcement of these markets comes as a result of extensive conversations with our participants, our television partners who help us promote the series and its stars, and current and prospective sponsors of both the Championship and the teams. Brands like Chevy Trucks, Budweiser and Parts Unlimited sell their products nationwide. In 2003, we will deliver a superior marketing platform that will take AMA Supercross across the country into a great list of major markets.”

JamSports’ Tony Dimitriades adds, “We have tried to demonstrate that in this new era of AMA Supercross we will listen to the needs of everyone who has a stake in the growth of the sport. Our series will be showcased in the largest markets available and the riders and sponsors will benefit from exposure in seven of the top-10 markets in the country.”

“I am delighted with the new relationship with JamSports,” said Scott Hollingsworth, CEO, AMA Pro Racing. “The next era of growth of AMA Supercross is dependent upon live television and nationwide markets. We were excited to announce this month a live television package with Speed Channel, and now we have markets in place that will ensure AMA Supercross is seen by fans coast-to-coast. Combine that with the heritage of the AMA Championship, our rulebook and our plan to ensure rider participation in the growth of the sport, and the foundation is solidly set for a successful season in 2003 and beyond.”

For the first-time in its 29-year history, the 2003 AMA Supercross Championship will be broadcast LIVE nationally on Speed Channel. Speed Channel will also promote each race in every venue weekly prior to telecast, providing racing fans with a consistent, live schedule of the best riders in the world.

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AMA Pro Racing is the leading sanctioning body for professional motorcycle sport in the United States. For more information about AMA Pro Racing, visit AMA Pro Racing’s web-site

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