It all gets under way May 22nd near Sacramento, California at ‘Hangtown’. Then on September 11, the series will conclude with Round 12 at the new Pala Raceway.

Officially, it’s known as the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship … but we still are like you: The Nationals!

OK, what do you want to know? Let’s start with some of the top name riders you’ll be seeing at the race tracks across the USA

  • Ryan Dungey (5) – Team Suzuki – not only did he win the 250 Outdoor MX title last year, he just won the 450 Supercross Championship this year. And he’ll be racing in the 450 Motocross class this year.
  • Chad Reed – Chad is on Monster Kawasaki. He IS the defending 450 Motocross Champion. Look for the big number 1 plate on his bike!
  • Mike Alessi (800) – Mike rides the new KTM 350. A bit of of unknown, since he hasn’t been racing with the top guys yet this season. But you’ll know he’ll be fast on his KTM.
  • Grant Langston (8) – Grant is a former champion in: The MX GP’s, Lites Supercross, and a National MX Champ when the class was called ‘125’. He is now going to be teamed with Chad Reed at Monster Kawasaki! 450 Motocross!
  • Tommy Searle (19) – KTM. He’ll be riding in the 250cc Lites class. He’s been out of action for a while in supercross, but he’s been riding and practicing for the outdoors!
  • Tyla Rattray (28) – another rider that has not been in supercross recently because of injury – but Tyla is a former World Motocross Champion, and he’s ready to go on his Pro Circuit Kawasaki.
  • Jake Weimer (12) – this is Jake Weimer’s last year in the 250 class. Since he just won the 250 West Supercross Championship, he’s got to be considered one of the top contenders in the 250 class.
  • Christophe Pourcel (377) – Christophe is also in his last year in the 250 class. Last year he finished runner-up to Ryan Dungey in the 250 MX Championship. Christophe will be on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki, and also has to be considered one of the front runners, if not the front runner, for the 250 championship.
  • Justin Barcia (17) – Geico Honda, in the 250 class. We know you like him (as we do) because he let’s it all hang out, 100%, all the time!

Of course, there are many other riders that make up these series. To see the riders’ names & numbers, please visit this link.

OK, next – you want to know the dates, locations, maps, & phone numbers of the races? This is the link you want!

How about a TV schedule? You want to watch the races on TV? Here is your link for that! Motocross TV schedule

Hey – how did they do last year? Glad you asked! That info is here:

2009 Final 450 Points

Chad Reed – 481

Andrew Short – 388

Ivan Tedesco – 376

Michael Byrne – 348

Thomas Hahn – 302

Josh Grant – 280

Justin Brayton – 249

Nick Wey – 200

Cody Cooper – 191

J Albertson – 185

Davi Millsaps – 175

Matt Goerke – 154

M Alessi – 142

Ricky Dietrich – 136

Jake Moss – 127

Kyle Regal – 107

Tyler Bowers – 102

A Balbi – 94

Jeff Alessi – 88

Tim Ferry – 87

2009 Final 250 Points

Ryan Dungey – 503

C Pourcel – 492

Brett Metcalfe – 378

Jake Weimer – 353

Justin Barcia – 340

Tommy Searle – 332

Broc Tickle – 285

Blake Wharton – 273

Tyla Rattray – 236

Matt Lemoine – 189

K Cunningham – 186

Darryn Durham – 150

Trey Canard – 139

Steven Clarke – 126

Ben Evans – 126

PJ Larsen – 121

A Stroupe – 120

Max Anstie – 107

Wil Hahn – 104

Alex Martin – 100

Hey – let’s not forget the women! There is an AMA National Motocross Championship for Women! Ashley Fiolek is the defending champion, riding for The Red Bull Honda Team. Her bike will be sporting the number 1 plates.

Here are most of the women competitors names, National MX numbers, and how they finished last season.

And here is a video from promoter MXSports on the upcoming series!

It's ready - the 2010 AMA National Motocross Series - Photo 1 of 3

Ryan Dungey

It's ready - the 2010 AMA National Motocross Series - Photo 2 of 3

Women’s AMA National MX Champion Ashley Fiolek

It's ready - the 2010 AMA National Motocross Series - Photo 3 of 3

450 Motocross defending Champion Chad Reed

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