Three days in a row of racing and spectacle. This year will be the 29th edition, and past winner include all the big names you know in the world of Supercross and Motocross – from old school like Ricky Johnson and David Bailey to the great Supercross rider of all time ( Jeremy McGrath ) to David Vuillemin, James Stewart, and last year’s King of Bercy – American Justin Barica!

It's one of the "biggest" Supercross events on the planet. And it will all get started later tonight. It's the Supercross of Paris Bercy! - Photo 1 of 2

From 2010 – Marvin Musquin 1, winner Justin Barcia 17, Gautier Paulin 21

If you have never been to the Bercy Paris Supercross – you must go sometime. Because it is far more than three straight days of racing. It truly is a spectacle!

This French event has attracted has a new race format program for this year, mixing a traditional Supercross program (two semi finals and one final), an American race (a series of three lap sprints, the last five riders are out, and that leaves only four riders in the last race) and a timed practice session (just one lap for the “Super Pole” session). The racing is tonight, Friday night, tomorrow (Saturday night) and Sunday afternoon. Get ready!

Team USA will be the favorite once more, with reigning “King of Bercy” Justin Barcia as captain. Justin discovered Paris last year, and the 450 Honda. He’s back with more experience, an American SX Lites 250 class title and many fans, which enjoy his riding style. He has travelled to France with young team mate Eli Tomac, and Jake Weimer, Kyle Chislom and veterans Tim Ferry and Mike Alessi. (Wait, did that just say Tim Ferry? : )

The French team will count on a new generation of riders to defend the overall “Team” trophy they won last year. Gregory Aranda and Cédric Soubeyras (now racing on a 450 Honda after his two stroke experience) were part of the winning team last year, and they will be joined by the new Factory KTM Jordi Tixier and Fabien Izoird. Also, two top contenders from the World Motocross Championships: Tommy Searle and Arnaud Tonus. The Brit prepared Bercy in California with the Pro Circuit Kawasaki engineers, and came back to Europe with special parts in his luggage, while Arnaud Tonus tested his Yamaha Bike It on his new private Supercross facility!

All these riders will be joined by some of the SX Tour riders!

Bercy is also a first class Freestyle MX show, and once more the stadium will turn crazy when Dani Torres, Josh Sheehan, Tom Pages, Edgar Torronteras, Taka Higashino and Jey Rouanet will enter the arena!

Stay tuned! More on tonight!

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It's one of the "biggest" Supercross events on the planet. And it will all get started later tonight. It's the Supercross of Paris Bercy! - Photo 2 of 2

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