The text below arrived in our e-mail box, along with the photo. Either this is an April Fools joke, or, quite possibly, it will revolutionize the entire boot industry. If so, this could ignite a new ‘boot war’, reminiscent of the early 70’s.

The one thing we can’t help but notice in the photo is the lower ‘sock’ area. What type of sock is used? Is it water resistant? Are they interchangeable & washable? Combed-cotton or acrylic-fiber?

We believe this to be a photo of the new, top secret Tech 88 boot. Claims from world-renowned Italian boot-maker G. Brillione include “new ‘sock only’ lower section”, “lightest boot ever”, and “high velocity air flow into sock area, keeping foot nice & cool”.

Is this the new Tech 88 boot? - Photo 1 of 1


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