The first Supercross Main Event of the year was truly exciting and after taking a look at my pictures from that night, I really wanted to talk to Steve Boniface about his front row seat to the Main and all the action at Anaheim 1 and his future for the 2009 season. 

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Angela: Hey Steve, it’s great to see you in Phoenix; but how about that Season Opener at Anaheim 1, you had an exciting night of racing?
Steve: Actually it went pretty good. Coming into a new season you never know what to expect so it was like a big question mark of where you are going to be, how you feel and stuff like that so I was actually pretty happy with how the day went and I had some pretty good lap times. I had a really good heat race and got 5th, so I transferred straight to the Main Event. I had a really good start in the Main, I think I was in third or something like that, and I got together with somebody after the first whoop section and I went down and it took me a while to start the bike and get back in the race almost a lap down and ended up 17th so the results were not so good but I was pretty happy with the day.

A: Steve, you were up in the front coming out of that first turn and your crash happened fairly quickly after that, what was going on with you at that point, you were up front?
S: Yeah, I got a really good start, went through the first whoops pretty good and I think I was in 3rd or something, that’s always were you want to be at the starting of the event. When you are in the top 5 it’s already 60 or 70% of the work, so I was in good position and unfortunately I went down and after that it was tough to get back into the race but I made the best of it.
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A: When you say going down, I have pictures of you sitting down with a sea of bikes all around you, what was that like?
S: Yeah, it’s never really good to fall in the first few corners because everybody’s really close and you can’t always see the rider down and stuff like that, so it’s not good to go down, as soon as you go down the first thing is  to try and avoid any other bikes. Good thing my crash was right in the corner and at a low speed so it was not that bad of a place for a crash, so it’s racing you know!
A: Yes, that’s true. Now here we are in Phoenix, how do you feel going into the night’s race?
S:  I feel pretty good. The tracks’ got pretty rutted and rough for Phoenix but I like the track and it has some good lines. Unfortunately they took off my fastest lap because it looked like I stepped off the track but I don’t know where, anyway, I guess I will start a few spots back from where I should be. I feel good, I always like Phoenix, the dirt is good and I like it here, so I am looking forward to it and getting back in that top ten tonight.
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A: Well Steve, it’s good to see you out here racing and your working with a great team, how’s that going?
S: Right now I am racing for the Troy Lee Designs team and it will be for the west coast rounds and that’s it so far, we will try to get some good results and try to find something good to then continue the series with when it goes back East.
A: Sweet, I’m looking forward then to some good racing tonight!
S:  Thank you.


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