Interview: Ryan Hughes - Photo 1 of 1You are not riding right now, what happened?

RYAN: I had to get my wrist fixed. I had the doctor go into the wrist that I broke at the beginning of the 2000 season and take out a few pieces of metal and make it pain-free. It’s a good time for it since I’ll be racing the four-stroke outdoors. I won’t miss any races.

How did this new relationship with American Honda come about?

RYAN: I was having a few problems over in Europe. After the Motocross des Nations I came back to the US and started checking around to see what type of responses I could get. They came back positive, and Honda stepped up with this offer for me. I was actually surprised how good their offer was. I just couldn’t pass it up. And to come back and race in the US ….. it’s good!

So what is your deal with Honda?

RYAN: Of course it’s racing, but it’s more than that. It’s development and testing of our new bikes – four strokes, two-strokes, 125’s, everything, along with racing the nationals. It’s like two jobs in one. For me, it’s great. I won’t be racing supercross, so I’ll just be doing 12 races. At this point in my career, doing 28 races in a year is pretty tough. Possibly I can extend my career a bit more now.

What is the difference between racing in the US and racing in Europe?

RYAN: There is a lot of difference. Racing in Europe, the language is one big thing. The tracks are different too. The tracks are a lot smoother, faster and less technical. The tracks in the US are fast too, but they have more technical sections and more jumps. You have to have a different technique, but I feel that if you are fast, you’ll be fast anywhere.

What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve had on a bike?

RYAN: It’s not just one moment. I have to group them all together, and it would be getting hurt so much on bikes. Not any certain moment, just getting hurt is embarrassing. I want to succeed so bad, and I want to win so bad, and then you have to report to people that this is broken, or I have this injury …. it’s tough. That’s part of the racing life though.

What do you want to tell everyone in Europe?

RYAN: I’m going to miss all the friends we made in Europe. Some of the people I was involved with there just didn’t do business right. So I feel it’s not my fault that I’m not racing there. Yes, motorcycling is my dream, but it’s also a business. I can’t go thru what I went thru this year during next year. I had planned to race there again, but the business side of things didn’t work out.

The 2000 Motocross des Nations was …..

RYAN: A dream. A goal. An accomplishment of a lifetime.

I’ve been trying very hard since I was a kid …. it was one of my goals. My two goals were to win a des Nations, and a series championship. I’ve accomplished one of them. It means a lot to me.

You have a lot of fans that are kids. What do you want to tell them?

RYAN: Each day is a new day. Work hard at it. You’ll get out of life whatever you put into it. If you put in 50%, you’ll get 50% out. If you put in 100%, you’ll get 100%. Work every day, and make your life your dream. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t try too hard. Accept whatever happens to you on the track, whether it’s bad races or injuries. Make every day count.

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