If it's Sunday, it must be Sweden! - Photo 1 of 4 Uddevalla, Sweden, Sunday, July 6:

Well …. I have so much to tell about my trip to Sweden. It actually started late Tuesday. But a lot of the stories about this trip will have to wait … I’m literally heading out to the race circuit here in Uddevalla to do my job for the live TV of the Swedish Grand Prix Motocross.

I can tell you that yesterday, for both Supercross.com and the TV program, I was able to interview former (1973) 250cc World Motocross Champion Hakan Andersson. He was very kind and gracious, and is still a great sportsman – helping motocross in Sweden even today.

So, when I do come back to my blog to explain this latest trip, remind me to tell you about our ‘stay’ in the New York airport. Or the tube of cream that I thought was cake icing only to learn it’s raw crawfish spread! Yum!


If it's Sunday, it must be Sweden! - Photo 2 of 4

This car is like the proverbial tin can. You should hear the doors when you close them on this car – it even sounds like tin!

If it's Sunday, it must be Sweden! - Photo 3 of 4

Guess where I stopped for coffee and lunch? I’ve never seen so many McDonald’s in my life as in the first 100 miles driving out of Stockholm (at least 16 of them!)

If it's Sunday, it must be Sweden! - Photo 4 of 4

This is ‘Amerikansk Dressing’ for hamburgers. Not really quite sure what it is though : )


Here is my video interview with former World Motocross Champion Hakan Andersson


To see the results and photos and video from the Swedish Motocross Grand Prix, you can visit this link



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