I caught up with Travis Pastrana, Ryan Dungey, Mike Mason, and Nate Adams. You probably have heard of them. Travis is a world-wide phenomemom, has raced supercross and motocross (having won the AMA National 125 MX Championship), a super-star in ESPN’s X Games, and Rally Cross champion. Ryan Dungey has won the AMA Supercross Series Championship, the AMA Motocross Championship, the 2009 AMA 250 MX Lites Championship, and the 2009 AMA West Regional SX Championship. Nate Adams is a decorated Freestyle Motocross rider, including winning X Games Gold in 2004 and twice in 2011. Mike Mason is a multi-time X Games medalist as well.

Travis Pastrana – This week is going great! Tested my rally cross car on and it went unbelievable! Made some adjustments and really looking forward to racing!

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This year at X Games, it’ll be a little different for me, as usually I’m so focused on Best Trick and pushing the envelope of Freestyle Motocross. But as we learned last year – that doesn’t go well with racing NASCAR and Rally Cross, so I’m sticking to four wheels this year and will only be competing in Rally Cross.

I’m really focused on winning Gold in Rally Cross this year, and have been doing a lot of testing to get the car ready and couldn’t be happier with the performance of the Dodge.

Ryan Dungey – The week is going good, been putting in good laps as well as doing a little maintenance on my cardio and gym program but other then that, this week is pretty normal.

Ahe weekend was great, I felt like we improved the bike set up early in the day and got off to a good position in both motos. Getting the win was nice for the team and myself.

Here at High Point it was different from previous years, it was really choppy and hard packed and slick. Practice went really well – we got the bike set up where we wanted it. The first moto ended up going well, I started off third and ended up first. Then the second moto I got the hole shot and actually ended up getting passed by Alessi, took me a while to get the pass back, and then I had to pick it up a little bit at the end. Great win for the entire Red Bull KTM team.

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Mike Mason – This week I am down in Temecula (California) riding and training with Ronnie Faisst and Twitch. Getting ready for X Games 18. I’ll be competing again this year in “Speed and Style”. Recently I switched from a Yamaha 250 to a Honda 450 so I’m working on getting used to the bike. It’s been awesome so far. Three weeks to go and I have a lot of work to do! I’m looking forward to it being done so I can get a good night sleep finally! HAHA!

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Nate Adams – Life is going OK for me at the moment. I had a big crash last week when my bike hit neutral on my Supercross rhythm section. I went over the bars and landed on my bad shoulder. It’s so sore! I took a few days off and I’ll start ridding again tomorrow. A bit of a bummer for my X Games prep, but should be all-good from here.

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