This week … two time World MX 2 Champion Marvin Musquin, number 800 Mike Alessi, the likeable Wil Hahn, X Games medalist & Honda Troy Lee team rider Tarah Gieger, uber-famous Ms. Ashley Fiolek, and Mr. Ryan Sipes!

How's my week - M Musquin, M Alessi, W Hahn, T Gieger, A Fiolek, R Sipes - Photo 1 of 4

Marvin in Sacramento

Marvin Musquin – This week has been so short! Came back from Mount Morris, rode Monday and Tuesday, then exercised on Wednesday morning, then flew out to Washington D. C.! So it was a short week at home but very productive. Press day was Thursday and Friday here at Budds Creek – its my first time here and so far so good! The track was awesome to ride, I can’t wait to race … and I hope to have a podium very soon!

Mike Alessi – This week I am doing a lot of training. Working with my trainer and adjusting to the warm summer that Florida is about to bring. It has been pretty hot in Florida and its getting hotter. However I like training in the heat, it helps with all the hot nationals that are coming up.

How's my week - M Musquin, M Alessi, W Hahn, T Gieger, A Fiolek, R Sipes - Photo 2 of 4

That’s Mike Alessi

This weekend I’m looking forward to Budds Creek, and ridding the best I possibly can to hopefully get on the podium. I haven’t been on the podium in my  7 years racing Pro… hopefully this weekend I’ll change that!

Wil Hahn – This week on Sunday when I got home from High Point I did a recovery bike ride and some laundry followed by some well deserved rest! Monday worked on some upper body and again another spin! Tuesday we got back on the dirt bike and went out to Lake Elsinor MX park and hammered out some motos. The rest of the week ill ride a little bit more and also rest up for the weekend. I look forward to Budds Creek because of the track and Humid conditions, I’m in great shape and love the rough track there. I also got my first top 5 at that track … so it should be a great weekend!

Tarah Gieger – This week I’m taking it easy! I will do a couple days of cycling and I’ll visit Glen Helen to practice some endurocross for X Games, and next week I will start training/practicing Supercross for X Games…. I’m always so excited for this event! As far as personal time…  Hopefully the waves come up this weekend so I can get some surfing in!

How's my week - M Musquin, M Alessi, W Hahn, T Gieger, A Fiolek, R Sipes - Photo 3 of 4

Tarah is number 3 in the Nationals

Ashley Fiolek – Well my season hasn’t been panning out to be all that great so far seeing how I had to sit out last weekend… which was very hard on me. But all I can do is try my best at the rest of the races. I want to win as many motos as I can! As for what I’m up to right now??? I start training for X Games this weekend! I am so incredibly excited for this years X Games – its going to be so much fun!

How's my week - M Musquin, M Alessi, W Hahn, T Gieger, A Fiolek, R Sipes - Photo 4 of 4

Ashley Fiolek

Ryan Sipes – I’ve had such a good week. I’m really enjoying being home in Kentucky, riding my tracks, spending time with my family. I love the track at Budd’s Creek, the dirt is really great, I’m looking forward to getting out there!

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