I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with two of the most important people in the Supercross.com World Empire – Michelle and Lex. They invited me to one of the posh Supercross.com parties that rage across the globe at various times during the year.

This party was held at the elegant, world famous US Grant Hotel in San Diego.

And let me tell you, these people know how to party, eat, drink, dance, have fun, and make friends like nobody’s business. They are, in a word – amazing.

We arrived a the luxurious US Grant, and were greeting by staff which valeted our car. They escorted us into the main lobby of the hotel, with it’s artwork, marble flooring, and crystal chandeliers.

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One of the Crystal Chandeliers at the US Grant Hotel

Next, we were seated for dinner. We orders a bottle of a Russian Chardonnay, that was perfectly suited to the atmosphere, company on hand, and tasted so very good.

Our dinner – an exquisite sea bass entree, a Scottish salmon entree, along with special treats sent to us by the chef, knowing full well how to treat the special guests (Michelle and Lex) on hand.

The combinations and palette pleasing tastes were out of this world. So, as Supercross.com is wont to do – more wine was promptly ordered.

It was the day before New Years Eve, and the decorations both inside and outside still had that ‘Christmas’ feel. It was beautiful.

A word about Michelle – this young woman is the epitome of class, elegance, refinement, charm, beauty, and brains. And Lex, at least he wore a shirt with a collar that didn’t have a motorcycle logo on it.

Hopefully, they will invite me back again. I had the time of my life. They are two of the most special people you will ever meet. Hopefully my photos, although not the best (coming from an iPhone) will give you just a glimpse into the life of these two very special people.

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Michelle as she entered the elegant US Grant for an evening of fun, frivolity, and … wine

How Supercross.com Rolls - Photo 3 of 8

You might ask about this shoe. This is a magical shoe …

How Supercross.com Rolls - Photo 4 of 8

Evidently, Lex is on the new ‘Christmas Decoration’ diet

How Supercross.com Rolls - Photo 5 of 8

Crystal and roses – this was just part of an evening at the US Grant that night

How Supercross.com Rolls - Photo 6 of 8

My two hosts

How Supercross.com Rolls - Photo 7 of 8

Just a hunch on my part – but I’m guessing Lex is one Happy Dude

How Supercross.com Rolls - Photo 8 of 8

Michelle played a mix of classical, light jazz, and Christmas tunes to the joy of everyone in attendance


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