Can you remember all the way back to January 3 of this year? The opening round of Supercross? Josh Grant was a first time 450 Supercross winner! Defending Supercross Champion Chad Reed & James Stewart collided in the main event. Jake Weimer won the 250 West Supercross Main Event. It was Round 1 – Anaheim CA – January 3, 2009!

Below is our original report and photos from that race

450 Supercross Results
1. Josh Grant YAM
2. Andrew Short HON
3. Chad Reed SUZ
4. Tim Ferry KAW
5. Ryan Villopoto KAW
6. Ivan Tedesco HON
7. Heath Voss HON
8. Ben Coisy HON
9. Nick Wey YAM
10. Paul Carpenter KAW
11. Mike Alessi SUZ
12. Davi Millsaps HON
13. Cole Siebler HON
14. Matt Boni HON
15. K Windham HON
16. Josh Hill YAM
17. S Boniface
18. R Kiniry
19. James Stewart YAM
20. J Summey
450 West Points
Josh Grant 25
Andrew Short 22
Chad Reed 20
Tim Ferry 18
Ryan Villopoto 16
Ivan Tedesco 15
Heath Voss 14
Ben Coisy 13
Nick Wey 12
Paul Carpenter 11
Mike Alessi 10
Davi Millsaps 9
Cole Siebler 8
Matt Boni 7
K Windham 6
Josh Hill 5
S Boniface 4
R Kiniry 3
James Stewart 2
J Summey 1
250 West Results
1. Jake Weimer KAW
2. Ryan Morais KAW
3. Ryan Dungey SUZ
4. Chris Blose HON
5. J Lawrence YAM
6. Ryan Sipes KTM
7. Justin Brayton KTM
8. Jeff Alessi HON
9. Ben Evans HON
10. C Gosselaar KAW
11. Ryan Clark HON
12. Borkenhagen HON
13. A Chatfield HON
14. Trey Canard HON
15. S Skinner HON
16. Soubeyras
17. M Sleeter
18. M Horban
19. Dan Reardon
20. Cunningham
250 West Points
Jake Weimer 25
Ryan Morais 22
Ryan Dungey 20
Chris Blose 18
J Lawrence 16
Ryan Sipes 15
Justin Brayton 14
Jeff Alessi 13
Ben Evans 12
C Gosselaar 11
Ryan Clark 10
Borkenhagen 9
A Chatfield 8
Trey Canard 7
S Skinner 6
Soubeyras 5
M Sleeter 4
M Horban 3
Dan Reardon 2
Cunningham 1

Josh Grant wins his first ever 450 class US supercross race on the Gibbs Racing Yamaha Team! Chad Reed and James Stewart had a tangle on lap nine, which ultimately lead to Stewart having to pull out of the race, with Reed recovering enough to finish third. Jake Weimer wins the 250 Main Event in his first race for Pro Circuit Kawasaki! Below are photos from the event, and an interview after the win with Josh Grant.

Josh Grant talks about his win

Press the play button below:

12:30pm: Practice starts. Track is very nice and tacky. It’s partly cloudy, partly sunny.

1:32pm: The ‘fast’ 250 rider come out for practice, with Jake Weimer number 19 for Pro Circuit Kawasaki leading the charge. It’s also the reappearance of Jason Lawrence, the 250 West Coast Supercross Champ! Riding with the number 1 plate. He’s on a team with Monster as a sponsor, along with Boost Mobile, AM/PM, and others.

Ricky Carmichael, winningest rider ever in AMA motocross/supercross history, is in the ‘industry seating’ area, checking out the action. Top guys include in the 250 Lites class include East Coast Champion Trey Canard #39, Ryan Dungey #10, Lawrence, and Weimer. Dungey and Lawrence had the fastest laps in practice.

1:54pm: The top 450 riders come out for practice. Surprise, surprise – James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto and Chad Reed have the best lap times, right around one minute. Nick Wey, number 27, seems to be on the same team as Jason Lawrence, riding a black motorcycle with Monster branding, along with Boost Mobile and AM/PM.

4pm: It starts to rain, although very lightly.

7:30pm: The top four riders (Chad Reed, James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, and Kevin Windham are introduced. And it’s like a four-man boxing match stare off. : )

7:38pm: First moto of the season goes off, and it’s Ryan Morais, #116 with the holeshot! Ryan Dungey falls on the first lap! Dungey is off to the side of the track, looking down at his bike – can’t get it restarted. Now he’s pusing it back to the pits.

7:42pm: Jake Weimer, Morais’ team-mate on Pro Circuit Kawasaki, takes over first place. The checkered flag has Weimer first, Morais second, and Justin Brayton third.

7:50pm: 250 heat 2 blasts off. It’s Daniel Reardon 122 and East Coast Supercross Champion Trey Canard 39 up front. Jason Lawrence 1 is in fourth. At the end of the second lap, its Canard, Lawrence, and Reardon top three. On lap four, Lawrence puts a move on Canard, and into first he goes. Half lap later, Canard falls in a right hand corner. At the finish it’s Lawrence, Reardon, Canard.

8:03pm: The 450 heat 1 blasts off! Ryan Villopoto 2 out front and stylin’! Supercross Champion Chad Reed went off the course a bit in turn three … the top three after three laps – Villopoto already way out front, Ferry second, then Steve Boniface, Andrew Short, and Mike Alessi. At the checkered, it’s Villopoto, Ferry a ways back in second, Andrew Short, and Chad Reed.

8:18pm: 450 heat number 2 takes off. And up front … it’s number 7 James Stewart! Josh Grant 33 second, Davi Millsaps 18 third, with Robert Kiniry fourth. As the checkered flag falls after eight laps, it’s James Stewart with the victory! Josh Grant second, Davi Millsaps third, and Robert Kiniry fourth.

8:32pm: 250 Last Chance. Dungey wins.

9:27pm: 250 West 15 lap Main Event start! Daniel Reardon with the holeshot! Jason Lawrence down! On the third lap, Jake Weimer pushes past Reardon and into the lead. Dungey is ninth, Lawrence is 13th.

9:43pm: Jake Weimer takes the 250 West Main Event win! Followed by team-mate Ryan Morais 116, Ryan Dungey, Jason Lawrence, and Chris Blose. Eastern Supercross Champion Trey Canard finished 14th.

9:57pm: 450 20 lap Main Event start! James Stewart with the holeshot! Josh Grant second, Chad Reed third. At the end of the first lap, it’s shaping up as the battle royale – Stewart out front, Reedy right behind in second! At the end of lap two, in a right hand corner, Reedy goes inside of James to take the lead! Reed leading, with Stewart right behind, and they are way ahead of all the others. Grant is running third, Windham fourth, Villopoto eighth. On lap seven, Stewart squeezes by Reed and back into the lead on a left hand corner. Then, they collide as Reed’s front tire touches Stewart’s rear tire, and they go down together! Reed gets up first, another rider knocks into James (Kevin Windham), and James cannot start his bike! James is now walking off the track … done nine laps into the first race of 2009. Bummer. The leader – Josh Grant! Andrew Short is second, Reed is third, followed by Ferry. On the final lap, as Josh Grant appears headed for his first ever 450 Supercross victory, he’s got banners stuck in his rear wheel – causing a lot of smoke from the rear end of the bike! But Josh Grant wins! Andrew Short is second, Chad Reed third. Villopoto scores a fifth, Windham 15th, and Stewart officially 19th.

Click on the thumbnail to view the large image. Photos include Josh Grant 33 taking the win, Josh and his Toyota/Yamaha team members celebrating on the podium, Amanda interviewing Josh after his first-ever 450 Supercross Main Event win, 39 Trey Canard, 10 Ryan Dungey, 15 Tim Ferry, Josh Hill, 1 Jason Lawrence, Jason Lawrence 1 jumping, Mike Alessi 800, 18 Davi Millsaps, my three new best friends – the ‘We Love Monster’ ladies, Chad Reed 1, Andrew Short 29, James Stewart 7, James Stewart again, 9 Ivan Tedesco, 2 Ryan Villopoto, 19 Jake Weimer, 27 Nick Wey, 14 Kevin Windham.

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