Round 13

Supercross Results
1. James Stewart KAW    
2. Ricky Carmichael SUZ    
3. Chad Reed YAM    
4. Kevin Windham HON    
5. Michael Byrne KAW    
6. Ivan Tedesco SUZ    
7. Travis Preston HON    
8. Nick Wey HON    
9. Tim Ferry HON    
10. Ryan Clark HON    
11. Erick Vallejo HON    
12. Billy Laninovich HON    
13. Brock Sellards HON    
14. Jason Thomas HON    
Supercross Points
Ricky Carmichael 281
Chad Reed 269
James Stewart 264
Ivan Tedesco 209
Nick Wey 198
Michael Byrne 197
Travis Preston 160
Ernesto Fonseca 125
Mike Larocco 108
Tim Ferry 108
Ryan Clark 105
Jeff Gibson 86
Jason Thomas 86
Jeremy McGrath 67
Supercross East Lites Results
1. Davi Millsaps HON    
2. Thomas Hahn HON    
3. Chris Gosselaar KAW    
4. Jay Marmont KTM    
5. Matt Goerke YAM    
6. Josh Summey HON    
7. Kelly Smith HON    
8. Teddy Maier KAW    
9. Sean Hamblin SUZ    
10. Josh Woods SUZ    
11. Bryan Johnson YAM    
12. Robert Kiniry HON    
13. Chris Blose HON    
14. Chad Johnson YAM    
Supercross East Lites Points
Davi Millsaps 166
Chris Gosselaar 134
Josh Grant 119
Thomas Hahn 102
Branden Jesseman 96
Kelly Smith 81
Robby Kiniry 75
Teddy Maier 61
Martin Davalos 60
Jay Marmont 54
Josh Summey 52

Reliant Stadium

Stewart wins Houston Supercross, … Millsaps wins East Lites main & regional supercross championship …

Supercross Class: James Stewart is hot. He won his third supercross main event in a row, dominating the 20 lap main event (again) tonight. Ricky Carmichael is smart, and good enough. He raced to second place in the main, and that’s good enough to pull out an even larger lead over second place in the series championship. Chad Reed is consistent. Even with an injured shoulder, he put the Yamaha YZ 450 on the podium with a third place finish in the main.

The points battle between those top three remains close: Ricky Carmichael now has 281 points, Chad Reed is second with 269 points, and James Stewart third with 264 points. There are three rounds remaining in this 2006 AMA Supercross Series!

Supercross Lites East: Not only did Team Honda’s 18 year old phenom Davi Millsaps win the 15 lap main event, he also clinched the 2006 AMA East Regional Supercross Series. It’s Davi’s first professional championship. Second place tonight went to Thomas Hahn, who also rides a Honda. Third place went to Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit rider Chris Gosselaar.

Millsaps finishes the series with 166 points. Second goes to Chris Gosselaar with 134 points. Millsaps top competitor, Josh Grant, also riding a Honda, DNF (Did Not Finish) the main event in Houston, due to a fall. He ends up 3rd in the points championship.

Notes: Lap times were around 45 seconds for the fast guys. The series now takes it’s first break of the season, with action starting up again April 22 in Dallas, Texas. The West series regional division gets going again at that time. That championship has Andrew Short with 118, Grant Langston with 116, and then Nate Ramsey with 107. News on Ernesto Fonseca’s condition are now in the NEWS section, and will be on tomorrow evening’s THIS WEEK IN SUPERCROSS Podcast. Photos courtesy of Frank Hoppen.

This Week in Supercross audio podcasts come out Sunday evenings.

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