The most promising of nights for the GEICO Honda race team ended with a slew of accidents and a few broken hearts, but fortunately no serious damage Saturday at Reliant Stadium.

Supercross Lites East points leader Justin Barcia was robbed of his sixth win in seven starts this season in the cruelest of fashions when a lapped rider, former teammate Lance Vincent, ran into him from behind on a curve. Barcia went down and although he jumped up and remounted his CRF250 as quickly as possible, his huge 10-second lead had evaporated. Emotional to the end, Barcia rode across in second place, increasing his lead in the world rankings to 32 over Blake Wharton.

“I’ve never been this upset about the outcome of a race,” said Barcia, the No. 1 qualifier of the race. “That kid (Vincent) stayed at my house and trained with me for a couple of weeks and then he does what he did. I’m not sure what he was thinking. This is about as frustrated as I can get. Big picture, we came in second and we earned a bunch more points. We’re that much closer to where we want to be. I just feel bad that I let my emotions get the best of me at the end of the race. I went over to talk to Lance and I interfered with the Asterisks Medical Team and that was stupid. I apologize to all those guys big time. I had a great ride. It just didn’t finish like I thought it would.”

Crowd favorite Kevin Windham was battling James Stewart for several laps of the second Supercross heat race and appeared to be setting up the past series champion for a big pass on the final turn when his right footpeg dug into the face of a jump and pitched him off his machine. Windham had to be assisted off the track by the Asterisks Medical Team and was unable to return.

“I’ve hurt my left thumb and wrist and my right shoulder,” Windham said. “They took some x-rays but they were inconclusive. They put a cast on my arm and wrapped up my shoulder. I’m going back home and I’ll go to my personal doctor tomorrow. I really have no idea how serious it is because they just couldn’t tell. It would be crazy for me to speculate on what might happen from here.”

For the second time this season, Justin Bogle tangled with Malcolm Stewart and crashed. On this occasion it was in the first turn of the Main event and just as it was in Dallas, both men went down. Bogle scrambled to get up and rode hard to catch the pack, eventually finishing in eighth place. He is in now 11th in the Lites East points.

Team rider Wil Hahn, who is filling in for the injured Trey Canard on the Muscle Milk Honda team, crashed in his heat race and needed the Last Chance Qualifier race to make it to the Main, where he finished 13th overall.

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